Send real life treats

in an instant 🎁

Surprise colleagues and customers with

coffee β˜•οΈ cake 🍰 cinema tickets 🎟 and more!

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Grow Leads

Show generosity with huggg β˜• to acquire new customers and grow more leads.🀝

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Impress Customers

Thank πŸ™ your customers with huggg and they’ll reward you with increased engagement πŸ“ˆ and loyalty.

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Engage Teams

Make people feel appreciated πŸ€— with huggg and watch productivity increase 🌱 and staff retention improve.

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The Important Stuff

πŸ’» Simply and quickly create your hugggs from a web portal
🀝 Personalise your hugggs by choosing the product, message and expiry
πŸ’³ Only pay for the hugggs that are collected
πŸ™ˆ Sleep easy knowing we don’t ever see your data

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