kindness is contagious.

send food and drink to friends in seconds from your phone

join huggg and make someone’s day


choose a huggg

we’ve got plenty of edible treats to choose from.


pick your person

you’ll need their mobile number to send one.


tell them why

there are thousands of reasons to send a huggg. let them know yours.

huggg is available on iOS, Android – and now iMessage – which means everyone with a smartphone can send a huggg.

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as seen in



you can now send hugggs with apple pay

Apple Pay is an easy, secure and private way to pay. Set up Apple Pay through your wallet and send hugggs in iMessage (our best kept secret).

what happens when you receive a huggg?


When a huggg lands on your phone, it’ll show up like a simple text message would. Tap the huggg to stash it in your app until you’re ready to redeem it.


When you’re ready to enjoy your huggg, take your phone into a participating store and show it to the server.


They’ll swap your huggg for a real life thing and you can enjoy.

download the app

and join thousands of others who are choosing to huggg


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