You’ve been #huggged by Mush!

How exciting.

Not sure how it works or what to do next? We’ve got you.

How do I get my Mush hot drink huggg? 🤔

You need to click the link in the email you were sent by Mush on Monday 1 April 2019. You will have received this if you were on their email list.

Alternatively, head to the homepage of your Mush appt o stash and redeem your hot drink huggg.

Once you’ve tapped the link, follow the instructions over there; we’ll guide you through it.

I clicked the link but landed on an error message – help! ❌

If you see an error message, it’s likely to be one of the following:

⭐️ All hugggs have been claimed

⭐️ The offer has expired

⭐️ You’ve already claimed one

Not sure any of the above sound right?

Drop us a line and we’ll let you know what’s up.

It’ll speed things up if you include a screenshot of what you can see!

Where can I collect my Mush hot drink huggg? 🗺

Mush have huggged you with a Caffè Nero hot drink huggg, which means you can collect it from one of over 600 Caffè Nero sites across the UK.

Check out the map in the app to see where you can redeem.

Which hot drinks can I collect with my Mush huggg? 🤝

Our Caffè Nero huggg offers lots of flexibility!

Whether they’re in the mood for a sweet treat or something stronger, they can choose from the following when they get to the counter.

Any size:

☕ Espresso

☕ Caffè Latte

☕ Cappuccino

☕ Americano

☕ Caffè Mocha

☕ Flat white

☕ Cortado

☕ Standard Hot Chocolate

☕ Tea

Are milk alternatives included in a Mush x Caffè Nero huggg? 🐮

You can enjoy soya milk with your hot drink huggg. All other milk alternatives (coconut and oat milk) are not included in the huggg but available as an extra upon collection.

How long do I have to collect and enjoy my Mush hot drink huggg? 📆

You have 365 days to collect and enjoy your Mush hot drink huggg at a participating Caffè Nero!

Head to ‘my hugggs’ from the homepage menu, click your Mush huggg and it’ll tell you the expiry date of that particular huggg.

That felt great. I now want to huggg a friend. How do I do that? 🤗

Excellent news! Glad you enjoyed getting #huggged by Mush.

Now you have downloaded the app, you can huggg anyone who has a UK mobile number. Head to the home screen in your huggg app and tap ‘Send a huggg’.

We’ll walk you through the rest.

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