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message 10 free coffees to your team

treating your colleagues to a beautiful barista-made coffee, says ‘I love your work’, ‘I appreciate your efforts’ and ‘stay with me forever’ in a perfectly acceptable and non-creepy way.

it's easy... really easy

Simply fill in the form to receive a url with your hugggs. Send this to the people you want to treat. They download our app and collect their coffee.

free coffee = happy team

Treating people to their favourite coffee shows that you appreciate them. When people feel appreciated, they feel motivated and productive.

you’re a hero

Not only are you super generous, but you’re doing it through a funky new app, which offers coffee from the coolest independent coffee houses.

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nominate your favourite coffee house

Our hugggers are at the heart of everything we do. So, let us know your favourite coffee house on email or social and we’ll ask them to partner with us.

By joining our community you can become part of shaping something great.