what should i list my product for on huggg??

We’ve created a handy pricing guide based on our learnings. Each product has a guide price (the price we suggest you list your product on huggg) and what we pay you when someone collects their coffee, pizza or wine huggg. If you like numbers ?, you’ll also enjoy the Net and VAT columns.



Guide Price



What we pay you

Wine (Medium)Beer, wine, cocktails£6.00£4.92£0.18£5.10
Wine (Bottle)Beer, wine, cocktails£25.00£20.50£0.75£21.25
Bottle of FizzBeer, wine, cocktails£30.00£24.60£0.90£25.50
Beer/cider – Pint or bottleBeer, wine, cocktails£5.25£4.31£0.16£4.46
CocktailBeer, wine, cocktails£11.00£9.02£0.33£9.35
Spirit + Mixer (Single)Beer, wine, cocktails£6.50£5.33£0.20£5.53
Spirit + Mixer (Double)Beer, wine, cocktails£8.00£6.56£0.24£6.80
Craft BeerBeer, wine, cocktails£5.50£4.51£0.17£4.68
Fish & ChipsFood£9.00£7.38£0.27£7.65
Sandwiches (lunch)Food£4.75£3.90£0.14£4.04
CoffeeHot Drinks£3.00£2.46£0.09£2.55
Hot chocHot Drinks£3.50£2.87£0.11£2.98
TeaHot Drinks£3.00£2.46£0.09£2.55
JuiceCold Drinks£6.00£4.92£0.18£5.10
Flowers (6 x roses)Experience£24.00£19.68£0.72£20.40
Flowers (3 x roses)Experience£12.00£9.84£0.36£10.20
Flowers (seasonal mixed bunch)Experience£25.00£20.50£0.75£21.25
Flowers (large bouquet)Experience£40.00£32.80£1.20£34.00
Flowers (Lillies or tulips)Experience£12.50£10.25£0.38£10.63
Flowers (House plant)Experience£15.00£12.30£0.45£12.75
Beauty (Express manicure)Experience£17.00£13.94£0.51£14.45
Beauty (Blow Dry)Experience£34.00£27.88£1.02£28.90
DoughnutSweet Treats£4.00£3.28£0.12£3.40
CakeSweet Treats£3.50£2.87£0.11£2.98
CroissantSweet Treats£2.00£1.64£0.06£1.70
Cafe CroissantSweet Treats£5.00£4.10£0.15£4.25
BrownieSweet Treats£2.75£2.26£0.08£2.34
Ice cream (1 scoop)Sweet Treats£4.00£3.28£0.12£3.40
Ice cream (2 scoops)Sweet Treats£5.00£4.10£0.15£4.25
Afternoon Tea (x 1)Sweet Treats£25.00£20.50£0.75£21.25
Afternoon Tea (x 2)Sweet Treats£50.00£41.00£1.50£42.50
Cream Tea (x 1)Sweet Treats£14.00£11.48£0.42£11.90
Cream Tea (x 2)Sweet Treats£28.00£22.96£0.84£23.80
Premium CakeSweet Treats£5.75£4.72£0.17£4.89

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