Sus Davey | Cascara

Sus Davey is the owner of Cascara, a vegan-friendly and very hugggable spot in Bath. She took five to tell us what makes her tick…??

Sus Davey | Cascara

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

A passionate vegan foodie.

That leads on, very nicely, to our next question. What is it about your job you are most passionate about?

I think we have a great offering food and drink wise, but it is our team that makes us stand out. We get so many lovely comments about the staff and how friendly ? they are, and this means a lot to us. I’m passionate about making each and every customer’s experience one that stands out and one they will remember.

Tell us something interesting about yourself…

I used to live on a narrowboat.

If you could make one change in the world what would it be?

To end world hunger.

What do you like about huggg?

I love that it feels like you’re sharing random acts of kindness.

Can you remember your first huggg?

I think it was a Swoon! ?

We, of course, have to ask: if you could choose anyone to huggg this International Women’s Day, who would you choose,  and what would the message say?

I’d nominate Gina Martin. She recently had a bill accepted to change the law RE upskirting – it is now an illegal act because of her experience and hard work and determination.

This International Women’s Day, let the fierce female in your life know she means the world by sending her one of our limited edition IWD coffee hugggs. Download the huggg app for iOS or Android or tap below to #hugggher this 8 March.

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