May Al-Karooni | Globe Chain

To kick off our International Women’s Day celebrations, we sat down with May Al-Karooni, CEO and founder of Globechain, for a cup of joe and a chin wag to talk all things sisterhood and sustainability. ???

May Al-Karooni | Globe Chain

What do you do for work?

I have my own startup – Globechain – which is a reuse marketplace that connects businesses to charities to reuse unwanted items, generating social impact data for members and reducing waste.

How did you get into that?

By accident. I worked for an investment bank and they moved offices and spent a lot of money on removals and waste disposal. I wondered why no one had digitised waste and Globechain was born!

What is it about your job you are most passionate about?

The ability to change the world by being commercial with a conscience and pushing ourselves to new limits.

Would you say your workplace is balanced for better?

84% of our team is female ?

We can imagine running a business keeps you busy! What are your passions outside of that?

Scuba diving and travelling – someone once said I travel to some strange places.

First huggg?

September 2018. I received a Crosstown Doughnut from someone who had the huggg app… I asked what the app was, loved it and downloaded it! When I
received and redeemed my first huggg, there was a moment of feeling like I just got a surprise present! Giving a huggg to my employees is a great way to motivate, create fun and encourage collaboration in the team.

If you could make one change in the world what would it be?

A world without waste.

A piece of advice for 12-year-old you:

Be confident, own your space and aim as high as you can because you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

We, of course, have to ask: if you could choose anyone to huggg this International Women’s Day, who would you choose, what would you send and what would the message say?

My mother. She puts up with me and my lack of contact as I am super busy all the time. I’d send a huggg coffee and cake to say she’s appreciated and the strongest woman I know!

This International Women’s Day, let the fierce female in your life know she means the world by sending her one of our limited edition IWD coffee hugggs. Download the huggg app for iOS or Android or tap below to #hugggher this 8 March.

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