Bella Bostock | Friska

Heading up Friska Harbourside, Bella is one of the people that makes huggging such a great experience. We dropped by to talk about all things coffee…and cats ??


Bella Bostock | Friska

We know you’re a Store Manager at Friska Harbourside, but we’d love to hear about you in one sentence…

Eternally thinking about cats and caffeine.

Perfect! So, what is it about your job you are most passionate about?

Coffee, everything coffee! ??

How did you turn your passion into what you do?

I joined a good company like Friska to turn that passion into a job. I’ve been talking about coffee since day one. In my interview with Griff I talked about nothing but coffee! I genuinely enjoy crafting it. All those little elements that go into one drink can really make the difference between someone having a good or bad day. ??

The grind is so important, the variables that go into it mean it’s something worth perfecting. By changing only one process a barista can make a disproportionate amount of difference to the end product. Good coffee has to have people who really care throughout the chain, they think about everything; from drying the coffee beans to roasting them (Clifton Coffee have it down to a T), to the milk texture we create in store.

If you could make one change in the world what would it be?

I would have all men become ? Andy Murray-esque casual feminists.

What do you like about huggg?

That you can buy your friends treats,  no matter when you last saw them.

Can you remember your first huggg?

When we first started working with huggg I got sent a coffee and it genuinely brightened my day.

We, of course, have to ask: if you could choose anyone to huggg this International Women’s Day, who would you choose,  and what would the message say?

I would huggg Sophie, our Head Barista at Friska Harbourside. She manages to balance running an Etsy business, being an Etsy team leader here in Bristol, with giving 100% at Friska and I can always rely on her to geek out about coffee with me.

This International Women’s Day, let the fierce female in your life know she means the world by sending her one of our limited edition IWD coffee hugggs. Download the huggg app for iOS or Android or tap below to #hugggher this 8 March.

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