Alison Weir | Wonderland Comms

Continuing our International Women’s Day celebrations, we found a few minutes to catch up with Alison Weir, founder of Wonderland Comms, about the importance of balancing working hard with being nice and finding new passions ??

Alison Weir | Wonderland Comms

What do you do for work?

I founded a creative consumer communications agency, Wonderland, three years ago which keeps me pretty busy. Then I co-founded a charity, Kindly Collective, with some friends. Kindness and helping other people is really important to me and the team at Wonderland so, having both the charity and Wonderland means there is a good balance of working hard and being nice to people, every single day.

What is it about your job you are most passionate about?

Errrrr… all of it? OK, not all of it. That was a lie. My absolute favourite part of the job falls into two camps. The first is the creative process. Or, occasionally, total lack of. Sometimes a great idea just pops into your head and you just know it’s the one. Then there’s seeing those ideas come to life and create a tidal wave of emotional response. I love seeing it come to life and people’s reactions. It’s the best.

Would you say your workplace is balanced for better?

Wonderland firmly believes in balance and we are very proud to say our team sits at 70% wonderful women and 30% marvellous men.

What are your passions outside of work? Or do the two marry?

I hate being asked this because I don’t do anything outside of work. I don’t have hobbies. So this year I decided to start learning and doing some new things. Basically so I had something to say when people asked me this question. So far I’ve learnt I am bad at sign writing, pretty good at making gyoza ? and that the Bristol Old Vic is bloody brilliant. Next up is a spot of weaving. We’ve invented some new food products for one of our clients recently too and that process was super interesting. I’d love to do more.

How did you get into doing the thing you love for work?

I was working as a receptionist in London and was about to be fired because I was AWFUL at it. I literally met a friend of a friend in a pub one Friday night, got hideously drunk with her, talked about wanting to work in events and festivals and had an interview at the agency she worked at the next week. That agency looked after the press for a number of festivals and big brands. I started two weeks later and I bloody loved it.

If you could make one change in the world what would it be?

I’d go back in time and make sure Crocs were never invented. On a more serious note, I wish Obama could’ve been locked into a life time presidency.

Have you got a piece of advice for 12-year-old you?

Don’t be a dick.

Do you remember your first huggg?

Yeah I can! My wonderful friend Caragh who works at huggg sent me one after a meeting. It gave me all the feels. Just lovely. ?

We, of course, have to ask: if you could choose anyone to huggg this International Women’s Day, who would you choose,  and what would the message say?

I’d send a huggg to my friend Sammy who isn’t very well at the moment. Just to let her know I’m thinking about her. She lives on the Isle of Skye though. You guys need to continue world domination and get up there so she could enjoy it.

This International Women’s Day, let the fierce female in your life know she means the world by sending her one of our limited edition IWD coffee hugggs. Download the huggg app for iOS or Android or tap below to #hugggher this 8 March.

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