our api

Looking for more flexibility and control? Our API allows you to create a fully customised send flow within any app.

The huggg API allows you to:

  • View available products
  • View brand partner info
  • Create new hugggs
  • Check on the status of a huggg
  • View redemption map locations

You can integrate our API into your employee rewards programs, customer service platforms and more!

Below is a sample integration flow for consumer apps. Click to enlarge:

Below is a sample integrated purchase flow for B2B apps. Click to enlarge:


For ePOS systems we also offer the ability to redeem hugggs.

For more details, you can read our documentation.

Interested? You’ll want to email Lewis, at lewis@huggg.me

other integration options

iMessage App

The huggg iMessage app is our fastest way to huggg, allowing your customers to send and redeem your products in seconds via Apple Pay. The app can be fully co-branded with your logo and colours, so it feels just like your brand, all the way through.

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Sales Widget

Through just a few simple steps, you can embed our sales widget on your website, allowing customers to gift your products to anyone with a UK mobile number.

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