The possibilities are endless!

Our API allows you to create a fully customised send flow within any app.

The huggg API allows you to:

  • View available products
  • View brand partner info
  • Create new hugggs
  • Check on the status of a huggg
  • View redemption map locations

You can integrate our API into your employee rewards programs, customer service platforms and more!

Sample Integration 1

Your app purchases a huggg via the API and sends it to the recipient user within your app. For example, to reward them for reaching a milestone or completing a task. Perfect for rewards systems, health apps, and internal corporate apps.

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Sample Integration 2

Your internal users may generate a huggg and send it to a customer. For example to thank them for their loyalty or apologise for a late order.

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Sample Integration 3

Your customers connect your app to their huggg for Business account. They can send hugggs to users within the app, deducting from their float balance. Perfect for peer-to-peer rewards and employee appreciation systems.

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Sample Integration 4

Your users are able to purchase hugggs using their credit card within your app. Great for consumer messaging platforms.

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Sample Integration 5

Your users are able to send hugggs via your app and deduct the cost from their internal balance. Perfect for consumer messaging platforms that carry the concept of tokens or top-up balances.

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No time or resource to integrate?

You can purchase a static list of pre-generated hugggs at any time from us directly. Keep this list of codes in your database and pull from it as required. This is not recommended, but is possible for teams who are very short on development resource.

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Redemption of hugggs sent via your platform can be processed on our website, or web embedded into your app.

We also offer integrated redemption for ePOS systems.

For more details, you can read our documentation.

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