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💻 simply and quickly create your hugggs from a web portal (coming soon!)
🤝 personalise your hugggs by choosing the product, message, expiry and frequency
💳 only pay for the hugggs that are collected
🙈 sleep easy knowing we don’t ever see your data

what are people saying about huggg?

  • I'm really excited that Symec have joined forces with the lovely team at huggg to roll out a new reward scheme for our wonderful employees! Having already used Huggg personally, I discovered that they offer an employee recognition package which means Symec can now reward our team immediately for all the good stuff they do! 🎉☕🍦😊
    Rosie Smith, Office Manager
    Symec Technologies
  • A very busy prospect I've been collaborating with for several months, has just carved out time in their diary for me, after being sent a little pick me up through Huggg. Thanks!
  • huggg is bonkers - and I LOVE IT. Thank you :)
  • Gabi, Chroma Stationary
    huggg has been the perfect way of saying thank you or cheering up a team member when I’m not there in person. It makes them feel appreciated and thought of, even when we’re all working from different locations.
    Gabi Cox, CEO + Founder
    Chroma Stationary
  • 0
    We recently rewarded our staff with a huggg in return for their response to an internal survey and it was a huge success. We had a record number of people take part, and everyone really enjoyed their free coffee. Huge thanks to huggg for providing such an easy to use platform.
  • https___blogs-images.forbes.com_files_2015_11_paularmstrongtech_avatar_1447952172-400x400
    Already a hit with Apple, the money and the product are right. Big brands (Caffè Nero, Odeon, Vue, Lola’s Cupcakes, Crosstown Doughnuts) are already involved and more large partnerships are planned. The messaging market is huge (+$250 billion dollars), growing and desperate for extra interaction.
March 29, 2019

the #motherhuggger guide: 8 steps to creating a workplace where parents can thrive

Mother’s Day is all about taking time to pause and show our appreciation 💐. And while I’ll be sure to treat my mum this weekend, I […]
March 26, 2019
Javascript (React) Developer

5 steps to creating your #startup today – without needing an ⚡ idea

Even without so much as a business idea, follow these 5 short baby steps and you’ll have yourself a startup by the end of the day. […]
March 13, 2019

meet team huggg – B2B

Next up in the 'meet team huggg' series is our small, yet ever so mighty, B2B team. This dynamic duo ⚡️ gets an awful lot done here at huggg […]
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