huggg for business FAQs


Thanks for joining our community of rewarding businesses.
This is our first B2B-focussed product and we value any feedback you give us in a bid to figure out how to make this thing we’ve built for you, even better.

We’ve already been listening, so here are the answers to some common questions. Please email if we’ve missed anything.


Setting up huggg for business

🔒 “what is my Account ID?”

Your Account ID is written on your welcome 👋 email from Team huggg. Please save this number, as you will need it each time you make an order.


💳 “are there alternative payment options?”

Yes, indeed! If you are topping up over £1,000 and would like to use a payment method other than card, contact your friendly huggg account manager or


👛 “how can I see my account balance?”

Every month you will receive an email with a monthly report, which includes your current balance. Alternatively, contact your account manager or for your most up-to-date balance.


Managing your ‘group link’ hugggs

⚡ “when would I send hugggs in a group link?’

This is perfect if you want to send a single link to many people in a single broadcast📢, such as a company wide ‘Thank you’ treat.  The link holds enough for 1 per person – our technology controls how that happens.

📧 “what will I receive when I order a group link?”

You will receive an email with a single link and a realmoji image of your huggg.


🙏 “how do I know if the hugggs have been redeemed?”

We’ll send you a monthly report giving you a breakdown of the number of treats that have been claimed. 


🗓️ “why are there two expiration dates?”

Your group link has two expiration dates. The first expiration date sets how long recipients have to save their huggg and the second expiration sets how long they have to redeem it.


👛 “how is the refund calculated?”
You only pay for hugggs that are used. Following the first expiration date we will refund the value of your unsaved hugggs into your huggg for business account.  If any saved hugggs are not claimed by the second expiration date, they will also be refunded.


Managing your ‘individual link’ hugggs

🔗 “when would I send a huggg as an individual link?”

A huggg sent as an individual link is perfect if you want to send your hugggs to people personally and individually. Each link holds 1 huggg.

📧 “what will I receive?”

You will be emailed a csv file with a list of unique links and a realmoji image of your huggg. 


👨‍💼👩‍💼 “can I allow multiple people in my business to share the huggg links?”

Yes! The best way is to create a spreadsheet from the csv file you receive and then divide the list of huggg URLs between each person. So if you want five people to be able to send 100 coffee hugggs each,  you can order 500 coffees, and then divide the spreadsheet you receive into five. 


👀 “how do I keep track of which hugggs have been sent?”

We suggest that you mark each link on your spreadsheet as used, or delete them as soon as they are sent. This is to avoid you sending the same link twice, as the link is only valid for one use.


🙏 “how do I know if the hugggs have been redeemed?”

We’ll send you a monthly report with the number of hugggs that have been redeemed.


👛 “how is the refund calculated?”
You only pay for the hugggs that are used. Once the expiration date has passed, we will refund the value of the  hugggs that have not been redeemed back into your huggg for business account.


Sending your hugggs

📢 “how can I maximise the number of people redeeming my hugggs?”

Sending a huggg is as simple as sending a link. But, just like any other campaign to get the maximum impact you may want to consider: the best channel for your audience; the comms before and after the huggg is sent; the message in the huggg; and how the huggg is presented.
Top tips:
1) Introduce huggg to your colleagues by broadcasting a company wide ‘thank you’ huggg.
2) Consider sending comms beforehand, telling recipients to ‘look out for a treat coming your way.’
3) Rather than send a huggg as a simple link send the huggg as a linked realmoji like the one’s below. Click on the Caffè Nero cup below to receive a huggg.
4) Tell people when the huggg needs to be saved, especially if you’ve added a short expiration date.


🤔 “how do I hyperlink the image?”

It looks great when you send a huggg as a linked realmoji like these. Learn how to hyperlink the realmoji image and your huggg link on Outlook here and Gmail here. Click on the Caffè Nero cup below to receive a huggg.

Realmoji sticker assets are to be used exclusively for the huggg campaign. Further usage of the realmoji sticker asset needs to be approved by huggg and must not be used in conjunction with any other campaign.


📱 “I want to send my hugggs via text, how do I get them on my phone?”

Let us know that you’d like to send your hugggs from your phone and we’ll send you a text file instead of a csv.  Then, whenever you want to text or WhatsApp someone a treat, copy a link from your notes app and paste it into your message. Tip: Make sure you delete the link, or mark it as used.


📃 “how do I print hugggs?”

You can give people hugggs by printing a QR code or memorable link on a card. We recommend using QR Code Monkey.  If you would like to create multiple, single-use QR codes for your individual links, you will need to use QR Code Monkey along with Google Sheets on Chrome.


We hope that helps clear up some of your questions – please never stop asking them, we love hearing from you.
If you ever need a helping hand 👋 to send huggg for your business,  or simply wish to have a chat 🗣, drop us a line at, ping us on instant chat, or talk to us on social.
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