hello, you.

and welcome to indie huggg

you’re now part of a network of the very best independents who have nothing but coffee and kindness at their core.

so, welcome. you’re one of the good ones.

to get you live and huggging, we need you to complete the following three steps.

when you’re done, let us know by hitting the button labelled, ‘I’M READY’.

once we’ve received confirmation you’re ready to rock, we’ll pop in and see you and get some testers through your doors, pronto.

if you have any questions at all, shoot us a DM on social or drop us a line here.

we’re very excited to have you, so let’s get to it.

big love,

team huggg

step one

let’s get your till ready

Processing a huggg stops it from being used again and tells us to send payment to you. The redemption process takes place on the recipient’s phone (more on this below in step 2).

However, the vast majority of our partners also need to set this up on their pos in some way, so that they can track the transactions properly as for any other order. Here’s more on how you should do this – it’s pretty simple.

Sorted? Move on to the next bit.

Stuck? Give us a bell.

step two

prepare your people

It’s important your staff know exactly what’s what in order for customers to get the ultimate huggg experience.

So talk to your staff about who we are and what we do.

Then train them on how to process a huggg – don’t worry, we’ve created some stuff to help. You’ll just need to fill in the blanks on the second one to complete the picture.

(Hard copies of these materials are included in your welcome packs that we’ll deliver.)

Now that your team are prepped, it’s time to face the public.

step three

shout loud and shout proud

To help let the world know you’re hugggable, we’ll provide a sticker for you to display in your shop window*.

Not everyone has one, so wear it with pride.

But why stop at the front of the shop? We’ve made some stuff to help you market this cool new thing you’re doing. Feel free to display these assets on your website or share on social to let people know the hugggs in their pockets can be redeemed at your store.

* this will be included in your welcome pack that we’ll deliver by hand.

completed all three steps?

let us know

enter your site’s unique pin (you can find this/these in your acceptance email) and tick the box to let us know you’re ready to rock.

once you’ve done this, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know your site is live and hugggable.

(we hope to send it within 24hrs but we’re a small team, so bear with us)

…and you’re off! ?


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