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untapped markets
Whether through our direct in-app messaging integrations or our innovative B2B products, we’re obsessed with ensuring the customers who come into your stores to redeem a huggg are truly incremental.
no risk, all reward
Incremental is great, but it has to be worth your time and whilst many of the hugggs are low value, they’re high volume. For our larger vendors we can guarantee a minimum turnover to your brand, to make sure the initial setup is worth your time. This doesn’t even include the possibilities of up-sells and converting this first time customer into a regular.
on brand
Our technology can directly integrate into your app, which can really raise the Average-Spend-Per-User of your existing downloads. Don’t have an app? We have you covered there too – we can release your own branded gifting app directly into the iMessage store. Now that’s just cool.
we. don't. do. discounts.
Our product is unique and represents the first true innovation in what has been a fairly stagnant gifting offering for hospitality businesses for many years. Customers do not want to give gift cards, they want to give recommendations and experiences. Help give your customers what they want and better harness the unrivalled power of word-of-mouth.

sounds interesting, but give me something groundbreaking

 no problem. here’s our co-branded iMessage app

A whole lot of what we do is groundbreaking and we can’t shout about everything. It would be long and you’d only skim read it, plus some of it’s top secret.

So let’s highlight one thing that sets us apart from everybody else.

We all know about the Android & iOS app stores, but did you know about the one for iMessage? Apps found here integrate directly into Apple’s iMessage and can be used without leaving their messaging environment. From writing a message, to opening huggg, selecting a gift, and paying by Apple pay, you can send your huggg in three touches of the screen (plus two more for Apple Pay).

If you already have an app, we can rebrand our app to match yours, limit it to only sell your products and bundle it with your existing iOS app. Perhaps you have 10k downloads or maybe 1 million (good job!) – now all your users can send your products to friends with a few taps.

Our users spend £50 – £60 per year in our app, so let’s hand that over to you.

It’s free, we support it and keep it updated. Yours could look something like this:

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So, talk to Chris. He deals with our larger partners and would love to answer them for you.


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