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about huggg

What’s the story behind huggg? We get asked this a lot. Read our hugggstory for a run down of our journey from birth to launch.

How does huggg work? In 3 easy steps, once you’ve downloaded the app, of course:

  1. Choose a person from your contact list
  2. Choose a huggg to send to them (anything from a cup of coffee to dinner or cocktails)
  3. Add a message, pay and send

Where is the huggg app available? Technically, everywhere in the UK can access the app, but hugggs are currently only redeemable in Bristol and Bath. Don’t worry, though, we’re going national real soon.

What kind of outlets are listed on huggg? Awesome ones. No really, we don’t just partner with any old brand. Some you’ll recognise, some you won’t – keep your peepers peeled for further additions and announcements on our blog!

Is huggg available across all platforms? huggg is available on both Apple and Android. Basically, that means that most smartphone users can download huggg. Apple users will require iOS 9 or newer and Android users 5.0 or newer. If your recipient’s device doesn’t meet these requirements, we usually have a plan of action… please get in touch if that’s the case.

Is the app free to download? Yup, and always will be. It doesn’t eat up too much space, either.

How much does it cost to send a huggg? To download the app is free. The hugggs you buy do vary in price, depending on what you choose to send, and we always charge an extra 50p to the sender to cover our admin fee – just think of it like a stamp!

Do you charge the same prices that would be paid to the participating merchants? The merchants set their own prices, and as a huggg typically contains a choice of a number of different products (for the recipient to choose from), it’s essentially grouped into one price point appropriate for those products.

I have an iPhone. What are the stickers that have appeared in my iMessage? These are just a bit of fun. It’s a nice way to arrange a place to meet, or simply share your love for those brands, by sending stickers. Also, if you send one of our stickers to a friend, it will direct them straight to the app store where they can download the huggg app, too.

Why do you need my mobile number? We match hugggs sent to you through your mobile number, and hugggs sent by you are linked to it too, so your friends know (and trust) where they come from.
sending a huggg

When can I send a huggg? Whenever, we’re always open.

How do I import my contacts? It’s done automatically, if you give us permission. There’s a short delay because it does this live each time, as opposed to us holding that data.

How is a huggg delivered? Do they need the app too? If the recipient also has the huggg app, we detect this and send the huggg direct to their app. If not, we send it as a text message from your number, and it carries a link to download the app (for free, of course). Their huggg will be right there waiting for them.

Can someone collect a huggg without having the app? Not yet. The redemption functionality sits within the app, so they’ll need to download the app to do it. If this is an issue, for whatever reason, do get in touch and we’ll find a way.

How do I know if a huggg has been received? When you send a huggg, you’ll get a notice on your screen. This means it has been sent successfully. The only thing that could then hold it up will be the recipient’s reception or data access. We don’t register a delivery or open marker at this time, but consider it done.

How long is a huggg valid for? 12 months. We’ll remind the recipient at 6 months if they haven’t used it, and again 1 month before it expires.

How do I pay for hugggs? Debit / credit cards or Apple Pay.

Do you keep my credit card data? No, we use a secure payment provider that doesn’t require us to hold your payment data – phew!

Will I be charged extra for using my credit card? There are no hidden charges. What you see on the payment screen is what you pay.

Do I get a receipt? If you entered your email address onto your profile, then you’ll receive a digital receipt each time you send a huggg. If not, then no, but we can generate one for you if you get in touch.

Will I receive credit / change if the huggg redeemed is under the value I sent? huggg is not a gift card. In fact, we set out to avoid it being monetary at all. You’re buying them the item, not giving them the money to get it. In fact, the recipient doesn’t see a £, they just see a huggg from you.

receiving a huggg

How do I collect a huggg? At the moment, just go along to an active Bristol or Bath outlet for your huggg (you can find these by hitting the ‘locations’ button) and present your huggg to a member of staff when you order. Simple.

Are there any charges or costs to me when I collect? No, unless you pick up something extra to go with your huggg, of course.

How do I locate participating merchants? There is a map icon on the huggg itself, which will show you the way to the nearest pick-up point for that huggg.

Why can I not collect hugggs in my area yet? We have launched what is known as a beta test in Bristol and Bath only, and therefore only sites in that area are switched on. National launch will be very soon, promise!

Am I able to gain loyalty points with merchants when I send or collect a huggg? We aren’t integrated with loyalty schemes as that confuses the huggg concept. We already get confused with being a loyalty program as it is!

Can I collect a huggg without having the app? Yup! Just tap ‘collect it now’ to redeem it in your browser. If you’d like to save your huggg for later, it’s best to download the app and store it there. We’ll keep it safe for you, don’t you worry!


How do I send messages within the app? If you’ve received a huggg from somebody, then you can thank them within the app. Head into ‘collect a huggg’, tap on a person and send your message.

Will I be charged for messaging within the app? Not by us, but it uses tiny amounts of data, just like other messaging apps do.

Can I opt out of marketing? We like hugggers to be the first to hear about news and announcements, so we’d love it if you didn’t, but of course you can.

To switch off push notifications Switching off push notifications means you won’t receive alerts on your phone. If you’d like to turn these off, head into your phone’s app settings, click on huggg and switch off push notifications – et voila! No more messages from us.

To opt out altogether Opting out altogether means you won’t receive push notifications or huggg mail from HQ. Sob. If you would still like to opt out, simply head into your app, click on ‘profile’ in the menu bar and untick the ‘opt into marketing’ box. We’ll miss you.

privacy and security

Are my personal details and messages secure? Your personal details and payment details are encrypted, and we don’t have access to your contacts at all. Messages sent through the app are encrypted and hugggs sent are also encrypted if the recipient is an app user. Where the recipient is not a user, however, the huggg will be sent by SMS, and the encryption level then depends on the carrier (we can’t control this, sorry!).

Can I block somebody? Yes, go into the conversation string for the person you want to block and hit the menu in the top right.

cancellations and refunds

Can I cancel a huggg? Am I able to receive a refund? If you sent a huggg, then it goes to another person and we cannot retrieve it, so usually, no. If you send one in error, though, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

Am I able to receive a refund if the huggg was never redeemed? We don’t refund hugggs that haven’t been redeemed. Instead, we do all we can to ensure your recipient goes along and picks up the product you wanted them to have, by prompting them with reminders. We want them to enjoy their huggg just as much as you do!

help, troubleshooting and contacting us

Who do I contact if there is an issue? From the main menu within the app, find the ‘contact’ button and go from there. Alternatively, tweet us.

Why don’t I get notifications? Check that your notifications are switched on for huggg in your phone’s settings.

My phone has changed, will my hugggs still be there? A huggg will be linked with and held against the phone number it was sent to for at least 12 months (time varies between partners). If you’ve switched phones and have the same number, it’ll still be there. If you have a new number, it won’t. In that event, get in touch with us via the app, and we can move it over.

I found a bug! Thank you! Please tell us about this in as much detail as you can. If it’s not too much to ask, we’d love you to send a screenshot too, just so we can see exactly what happened.

I want to work for huggg. Awesome, we’re hiring for a range of roles, so get in touch with a short note about what you’re after and we’ll get back to you, pronto.

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