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🤔 What is huggg?
Huggg is a micro gifting platform, which enables people and businesses to send real life treats in an instant. Think coffee, cake, cinema tickets and more!
🤔 How do I access the huggg platform?
🧡 If you would like to send hugggs to friends and family, you can purchase and send via our app, available to download on iOS and Android.

⭐ If you are a business who would like to send hugggs to your teams or customers, you can send hugggs via the biz platform, coming soon to our site. Join the waiting list here.
🤔 Where can I use huggg?
Huggg is available to use in the United Kingdom only. We have a network of over 1000 nationwide huggg spots, with a view to expand next year. Watch this space.
🤔 What can I send?
Mainly food and drink - think coffee, cake and lunch. But also flowers, plants and cinema tickets. We don’t just partner with any old coffee shop, restaurant or bar and make sure that products are tip-top before making them hugggable.
🤔 What sort of brands are onboard?
We’ve got a network of amazing independent coffee shops and eateries to discover, in addition to some bigger brands, such as Caffè Nero, Odeon, Crosstown Doughnuts and LOLA’s Cupcakes… with more being added all the time. Apply to be a partner.

Biz Platform

⭐ How do I sign up to the biz platform?
Right here! We can't wait to help get you set up.
⭐ I’d love to know more about huggg for biz.
Sure thing. We’d love to talk. Give us your details and we'll be in touch.
⭐ I’d like to send hugggs to my team at our on-site/local coffee shop.
Course! If they sign up to huggg, that is. Shoot an email to and we’ll see what we can do.

Our App

🧡 Is the huggg app available across all platforms?
Huggg is available on both Apple and Android. Apple users will require iOS 11 or newer and Android users 5.0 or newer.
🧡 Is the huggg app free to download?
Yup, and always will be. It doesn’t eat up too much space, either.
🧡 Can I use the huggg app to store my hugggs?
Of course. Because hugggs are available to redeem for anything up to 365 days, the app is great for keeping hugggs safe for later. You’ll need to set up an account to do this.
🧡 Why do you need my mobile number?
We attach hugggs to mobile numbers to keep them safe for you. Hugggs sent via the app are also linked to mobile numbers, so your friends know (and trust) where they come from.
🧡 Why don’t I get push notifications?
Check your notifications are switched on for huggg in your phone’s settings. If they are and you are opted into marketing, get in touch and we’ll see what’s up.


💌 When can I send a huggg?
Whenever you like. We’re always open.
💌 Who can I send hugggs to?
A huggg is just a normal URL or link and can be shared via any messaging platform - from Facebook and Whatsapp to email and Slack. So, in theory, you can send to anyone based in the UK.
💌 How is a huggg delivered?
The same way a normal link or URL is. You copy and paste it into your chosen channel or conversation, they click it and follow the instructions. Simples. If you choose to text it to them, we’ll send a text to let them know.
💌 Can someone collect a huggg without having the app?
Yup. When a huggg is shared, the recipient has the choice to either redeem it in their browser without downloading the app or store it in the app for later.
💌 How do I know if a huggg got there?
If you’re sending via the huggg app, just like posting a letter or sending an email, you’ll need to wait until they say thanks on receipt.
If you’re a business sending via the platform, you’ll be able to track the journey of your huggg. Fancy.
💌 How long is a huggg valid for?
All hugggs sent via the app have a 12 month expiry period. Hugggs sent via our biz platform will have varying expiry periods. Check your hugggs for their individual expiries.


👐 How do I redeem a huggg?
Take your huggg into one of our participating stores (check out the map if you’re not sure of your local huggg spots) and present it to the person at the counter. Key in the magic number or scan the QR on the till and order your treat.
👐 Can I collect a huggg without the app?
Yup. When a huggg is shared, you have the choice to either redeem it in your browser without downloading the app or save to your online wallet to redeem later.
👐 Are there any charges or costs to me when I collect?
Nope. Unless you pick up a little something extra to go with your huggg, of course.
👐 Where can I collect my hugggs?
We have over 1000 participating huggg spots across the UK. Tap ‘View map - where can I redeem?’ to view them.
👐 Why can't I collect hugggs in my area?
We haven't quite covered the whole of the UK (yet!) but if there's somewhere you'd like to be able to send and collect hugggs from, tell us about them @huggg_uk.
👐 Can I earn loyalty points when I send or collect a huggg?
We aren’t integrated with loyalty schemes as that confuses the huggg concept. If you collect a coffee huggg and they stamp your card, then good for you! But it’s not required of them and will vary based on location.
👐 I had a problem redeeming my huggg instore!
Oh no! We want every huggg experience to feel great and are really sorry you had a difficult time trying to collect your treat. Shoot an email to and we’ll sort it.
👐 What's a magic number?
Some of our huggg spots use a magic number to process a huggg. It’s a unique code which tells us which coffee shop to pay. These should be displayed at the till but just ask the person behind the counter if not. They’ll be happy to help.

Saving and Storing

👛 Do I need to collect hugggs right away?
Nope. You can either save them to your online huggg wallet or to the huggg app for later.
Just make sure you check the expiry so they don't run out - unused hugggs make us sad.
👛 Where can I store my hugggs?
You have two choices.
View and redeem hugggs you’ve saved for later in your online huggg wallet.
Or, for easy access, download the huggg app to your phone and save them there.
We’re working on being able to save them to native Apple and Android wallets. Watch this space.
👛 My phone has changed, will my hugggs still be there?
If you’ve switched phones and have the same number, they’ll still be there. If you have a new number, they won’t. Get in touch and we can move them over.


💳 How much does it cost to send a huggg?
The cost of hugggs vary. Check out the app or biz platform for individual prices.
💳 How do I pay for hugggs?
Galleons, sickles and knuts. Just kidding. Debit/credit cards or Apple Pay/Google Pay on the app will do just fine.
💳 Do you keep my credit card data?
No. We use a secure payment provider that doesn’t require us to hold your payment data – phew!
💳 Will I be charged extra for using my credit card?
There are no hidden charges. What you see on the payment screen is what you pay.
📄 Do I get a receipt?
If sending via the app, you’ll need to enter your email to receive a digital receipt each time you send a huggg. If you’re a business using our platform, you’ll be able to keep track of purchases over there.

Privacy and Security

🕵 Are my personal details secure?
Your personal details and payment details are encrypted, and we don’t have access to your contacts at all.
🕵 Can I stop somebody from sending me hugggs?
You can stop people texting hugggs to you when using our platform, but we can’t control where huggg links are shared online. If you’d like to block someone from texting a huggg to you, head to 'my hugggs' from the menu. From there, find the huggg sent by the person you'd like to block and hit ‘more info’. You can block them from there.
🕵 Can I opt-out of marketing?
If you would like to opt out of marketing, simply head to your huggg app, click on ‘my profile’ in the menu bar and untick the box. Can’t say we won’t miss you.
🕵 Why do you need to import my contacts?
We don’t. It’s done automatically if you give us permission. You can choose to skip this part and share a huggg link yourself. Or, if you choose to send via text, we will load your contacts and send them a text from us. We live load them each time, which means we don’t store them anywhere.
🕵 I want to remove my data!
No problem. Shoot us an email to with your mobile number and we will remove it for you. Can’t say we won’t miss you, though.

Cancellations and Refunds

⛔ Can I cancel a huggg?
Not really. Once a huggg has been sent and claimed, we can’t retrieve it. If you send one in error, though, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.
💰 Am I able to receive a refund if the huggg was never redeemed?
We don’t refund hugggs that haven’t been redeemed. Instead, we do all we can to ensure your recipient goes along and picks up the treat you wanted them to have, by prompting them with reminders. We want them to enjoy their huggg just as much as you do!
💰 Will I receive credit/change if the huggg redeemed is under the value I sent?
Nope, hugggs are not gift cards. In fact, we set out to avoid them being monetary at all. You’re buying them the item, not giving them the money to get it. In fact, the recipient doesn’t see a £, they just see a huggg from you.


🤝 I want to partner with huggg.
Exciting! If you have more than 10 sites, send an email to FAO Miles. If you have 10 sites or under, apply to be a huggg spot here - it only takes 5 minutes!
🤝 I have applied to partner with huggg but haven’t heard anything.
We’re a small team and have been inundated with applications since launch. Please rest assured, we have received your application and will be in touch as soon as we can. Been longer than 7 days? Get in touch at
🤝 Can I get some further information about partnering with huggg?
Sure. Head to our partnerships page to find out more or get in touch with one of the team at hello@huggg,me. We are here and happy to help.
☕ How do I get my favourite coffee shop on huggg?
Tell them about huggg or tag ‘em on socials and we’ll do our best. Or share our application form with them. Here’s the link:

Help & Troubleshooting

🐛 I found a bug!
Cool. Please tell us about this in as much detail as you can. If it’s not too much to ask, we’d love you to send a screenshot too, just so we can see exactly what happened. We’ll then set our wizards to work to fix it.
📲 I can’t download huggg.
If you’re outside of the UK or using a non-UK phone, mobile number or email address, that will be why. If neither of those apply to you and you're still having problems downloading, get in touch at
📲 I can’t log in.
If you’re outside of the UK or using a non-UK phone, mobile number or email address, that will be why. If you are using a UK device and details, get in touch at
🔢 I haven’t received my verification code.
Hhhmmm. That’s odd. Get in touch with us at and we’ll take a look. Tell us your mobile number and the time of trying to access huggg to speed up the response.
🧡 My huggg has disappeared!
If you’re unable to locate your hugggs, it probably means they’ve expired. Hugggs sent via the app have an expiry of 365 days but those sent via our biz platform will vary. Get in touch at and we can take a look for you.
🍿 My cinema ticket huggg has disappeared!
Our cinema ticket hugggs are processed using QR codes, activated by you at the counter. These have a 24hr expiry on them from the point you generate the QR. If your huggg has disappeared, but you haven’t redeemed it yet, this will be why. We do issue warnings before activating the huggg, so will not be able to reissue hugggs in these instances.
☕ My Caffè Nero huggg has disappeared!
Our Caffè Nero hugggs are processed using QR codes, activated by you at the counter. These have a 24hr expiry on them from the point you generate the QR. If your huggg has disappeared, but you haven’t redeemed it yet, this will be why. We do issue warnings before activating the huggg, so will not be able to reissue hugggs in these instances.
🍿 I've got an issue with my cinema ticket huggg.
☕ I've got an issue with my Caffè Nero huggg!
✋ Why did they take my phone to enter the magic number?
Eek! They shouldn’t have. Shoot us an email to with the store location and we will get in touch with them.
🙈 The magic number didn’t work!
Sorry to hear that. Get in touch at with the store location and we will do our best to make sure doesn’t happen again.
🐭 Why is a mouse when it spins?
Because the higher, the fewer.

Contacting Us

👀 I have an issue with huggg.
Get in touch with us on socials @huggg_uk or email us at We’re a small team, though, so do bear with.
☝ I want to work for huggg.
Great! We’re always on the lookout for amazing people to join our team. Get in touch with a short note about you and what you’re after and we’ll get back to you, pronto.
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