team huggg


we’re huggg

a small but mighty team of humans who have a passion for what we do

We started this journey with the hope of enhancing the way humans communicate, and have our sights set on transforming the face of messaging for good.
Up for a challenge? Check out our current opportunities below.

meet the team

Paul Wickers CEO and Founder

Our chief plate spinner, Paul, used to fund big stuff for big banks. Now, he builds tech stuff for small phones. Obsessed with detail (and skiing), Paul has no time for fun sponges or those who play it safe. Workaholic. Northerner. Not your average boss.

Alice Cox VP Operations

Currently enjoying time with her newborn huggglet, Alice usually ensures everything at huggg HQ is ticking over nicely. GIF enthusiast and podcast aficionado with a penchant for alpacas, Alice can turn her hand to pretty much anything. That’s why we call her our Swiss Army Knife.

Jo Blackburn Operations Manager

Jo is here to make sure huggg HQ is running like the slickest machine you’ve ever seen. Events extraordinaire, HR mogul and all-round superstar, we’re not sure what we’d do without her.

Ashley Porciuncula VP Product

Self-confessed gamer and UX/UI expert, Ashley, has taken our apps by the proverbial horns and – well, made them a whole lot better. At the helm of all things product and engineering at huggg, she knows exactly what users want and how to get there. With a slice of HTML inked onto her forearm, you just know she’s dedicated to the cause – we can’t wait for you to see what else she has up her sleeve.

Olivia O’Brien PR & Communications Manager

An upbeat Londoner with an eye for detail and a way with words, Olivia takes care of our community and communications here at huggg. Word nerd and passionate about people, Olivia spends her time making sure we look and sound great online. The heart of our community here at huggg.

Chris Charlick Partnerships Manager

Our users want to be able to send hugggs from here, there and everywhere – and Chris is the one who’s going to make it happen. A self-confessed gamer and adrenalin junkie, Chris spends most of his time finding the best restaurants and bars in the industry and making them hugggable.

Caragh Jones Partnerships Manager

Coffee queen and indie champ, Caragh, looks after our independent business partners at huggg. Communications and small biz expert, she makes sure we are doing all we can to support our indies at all times. With great slogan tee game and a snappy sense of humour, Caragh is an exciting new addition to the team.

Miles Mollinga Partnerships Grower

Coffee connoisseur, Miles, takes care of growing our indie network here at huggg. He spends most of his days hunting for the best products around and making them hugggable. Cricketer, rugby player and chef (of sorts), we can’t wait to see who he brings to the huggg table.

Barry Rhodes Senior Developer

When he’s not sipping on whiskey or cycling around Cornwall, Barry makes sure our apps are looking slicker than your average at all times. Working at the speed of light, Barry adds new features and makes sure you’re able to huggg come rain or shine.

Andrés Ramírez Senior Developer

Retired skydiver and expert tortilla maker, Andres, is determined to make hugggs sent via iMessage the most heartfelt of them all. Constantly on the lookout for new Apple products and creative ways to raise a child while gaming, head to iMessage to see his work. It’s beautiful.

Emily Shepherd Senior Developer

Hot chocolate enthusiast, Emily, writes complicated code that ensures when you search, pay for and redeem hugggs, the right things happen. Keep Emily happy with Crosstown hugggs and energy drinks.

opportunities at huggg

we’re on the lookout for some more talented team members. we like curious, forward-thinking humans with a passion for exciting products and people.

Growth Lead

We are looking for a Growth Lead to join our team. In this role, you will work directly with the CEO and in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, product managers and communications specialists to own customer acquisition, conversion, and retention for huggg.

Sr Full-Stack Developer

We are looking for an experienced and passionate full stack developer to help take our product and company from beta to game-changing industry leader. Working alongside the founders as a key member of the development team, you will be responsible for enhancing our existing applications and building exciting new products.