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Odeon Cinema Tickets

🍿 Can I use my huggg to book a cinema ticket online?
To use your ODEON huggg to book your cinema ticket online:
1. Head to,, ODEON mobile site or the ODEON app.
2. Enter the voucher code in the ‘ODEON Promo Code Box’ which appears on the payment page.
3. Once the booking has been completed, you will receive a booking confirmation email. To collect your ticket at the ticket machine, you will need to enter the booking reference contained in the booking confirmation email. Please note: If you book online, there will be an online booking fee of 75p per ticket in the UK and 75c per ticket in the ROI.
🍿 Where can I claim my cinema ticket huggg?
Head to your huggg and tap ‘View map - Where can I redeem?’ or click here to see a map of participating huggg spot locations.
🍿 Can I use my huggg in Odeon luxe cinemas?
Yes you can. There are no seat upgrade fees in a Luxe cinema. However, if there are a mix of seat types, there may be an upgrade fee for Luxe recliner/super luxury seats at some cinemas.
🍿 Is my huggg good for any seat?
Not quite. You can enjoy your film in a standard seat or if it’s a Luxe cinema, you can enjoy a Luxe seat without any upgrade fee. However, if there are a mix of seat types in the Luxe Cinema, there may be an upgrade fee for Luxe recliner/super luxury seats at some cinemas.
Your huggg is not valid for Premier seats, Club seats, D-Box seats, VIP seats, super luxury seats, any other premium priced seating, 3D, IMAX or ISENSE.
You can of course pay an upgrade fee if you’re feeling fancy!
🍿 My cinema ticket huggg has disappeared!
Our cinema ticket hugggs are processed using QR codes, activated by you at the counter. These have a 24hr expiry on them from the point you generate the QR. If your huggg has disappeared but you haven’t yet redeemed it, this will be why. We do issue warnings before activating the huggg, so will not process refunds in these instances.
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