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appreciation is powerful.

everyone likes to feel appreciated at work

it motivates us, engages us and makes us that bit more productive

huggg takes an everyday message and turns it into a warm cup of coffee, guilty pleasure bakery, or energising lunch, instead

why huggg at work?

reward instantly and frequently

When people deserve a pat on the back, we believe they should get it now. No collecting points. No waiting for reviews. With huggg you can easily and quickly reward your employees, so that they feel the buzz of being appreciated immediately.

impress your digital-natives

To attract the brightest and the best talent, it’s time to shake up your recognition and rewards. huggg delivers a digital experience that is oh-so-slick, and an experience, whether it is a latte or hotbox, that will be instagram-worthy.

be personal

You can’t plan for all the ways that your employees may deserve your appreciation. People can surprise you. huggg is hyper-personalised. Each message sent is unique, personal, and meaningful.

connect with remote workers

Advances in technology have made it easier for more people than ever to work remotely. hugggs are sent to smartphones, so it is the perfect way to make people feel appreciated and part of the company culture, wherever they are.

encourage a team spirit

Don’t keep all the huggging to yourself. It feels good to thank a colleague, and even better to be acknowledged by your colleagues. Let your teams use huggg to reward their peers and watch their loyalty and engagement deepen.

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how to give hugggs

choose a huggg

We’ve got plenty of edible treats to choose from.

generate a url

Share your URL and personal message to one or many employees.

enjoy the feel-good vibes

As your staff redeem their huggg for a real life treat!

your employees can redeem their hugggs on iOS, Android – and now iMessage



The service is free, so you’re simply paying for the product you send.

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