Donate from a distance: a how to guide

A way for you to support 💰 our hospitality partners without visiting stores. 

We work with hundreds of hospitality businesses who have been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. From our independent coffee shops and cake stores to big coffee brands and juice stands, it has affected them all in lots of different ways and we want to do all we can to help.

And it turns out you do, too.

Although we’re not going to encourage you to head out and collect anything from stores, we are going to encourage you to continue to buy treats via our app as a way of supporting those businesses. It’s a little scrappy, but we wouldn’t be us if we weren’t willing to try things now, would we?

So, listen up!

We’re going to show you how it works, but it’s a little thrown together, so it’s important you read the instructions below and all the way until the end of this post.

☝️The first option is good for independents and means they’ll get the money while doors are closed.

✌️The second option is good for brands and independents and means they’ll get the money later when doors are open again.

Option ☝️

💰 How to donate from a distance (good for our independent partners)

Use this method to support our independent coffee shops, independent gelato stores, Crosstown Doughnuts, Friska and Konditor Cake ONLY. If you do this, they will receive the donation at the end of the month. 

  1. Download the huggg app 
  2. Pay for an independent coffee, gelato, Crosstown Doughnut, Friska lunch or Konditor Cake.
  3. Ask one of our huggg spots for their magic number ✨ (or ask us!)
  4. Do not send, but instead copy the link created and open in your browser.
  5. Tap through to redeem and key in the magic number when prompted. You’ll find a list of magic numbers here.
  6. Et voila! You’ve just sent money to your favourite huggg spot – they’ll receive it at the end of the week

It means you don’t need to leave home or collect the thing, but you are putting money into the pockets of one of our partners! Nice one.

Option ✌️

📆 How to send suspended support (good for all partners)

Use this method to support any of our brands or independents. If you do this, they will receive the money when you collect it later this year.

  1. Download the huggg app.
  2. Send something (anything!) to a friend.
  3. When this all blows over, they will head into the store to collect and enjoy it.*
  4. Et voila – when they do, we will send the partner the money.

*Microgifts are good for 365 days when sent via the app, so they have plenty of time to collect it.

Who can I donate to? 💰

Any of our partners! Just make sure you select from the correct method above. 

Not sure which brands and independents are onboard?

Check out the map for who is on our platform. OR head here for a list of magic numbers and names.

Have a question about this? Email us or chat to us on socials @huggg_uk – we’re here and happy to help.

Log in or get started with Huggg for Biz ⭐️ today.

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