An alternative to free school meals

Due to the impact of Coronavirus, children across the country are unable to receive their essential free school meals. We have repurposed the Huggg platform to find a solution.

As soon as school closures were announced last week, thoughts immediately turned to how children eligible for free school meals would get fed.

Concerned by the urgent need, we set to work repurposing our platform to enable schools to purchase Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarket vouchers to distribute to families until a central solution is made available.

It’s been such a privilege to be able to put our resources and team to work on this vitally important problem and want to help anyone in need, so please share this post with schools and trusts who might be in search of an immediate solution. Our first schools in London, Bristol and Birmingham are now successfully using the platform to distribute vouchers with more being provided with access every day.

For key information about using Huggg as an alternative to free school meals, please click the relevant links below👇

🏫 Guidance for schools and trusts.

👪 Guidance for parents and carers.

For answers to some of your frequently asked questions, please scroll.


🟠 I’m a school or trust who needs this. How do I get started?

Head here to get yourself signed up. One of the team will then be in touch with access information so you can get going.


🟠 I know a school or trust who needs this. How do I put them in touch?

Tell them to head here for more information or to get started. We’ll take care of them from that point.


🟠 Which supermarkets can the vouchers be redeemed at? 

Supermarket vouchers purchased via the Huggg platform can be redeemed at participating Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s stores.



🟠 I need supermarket vouchers right now. How quickly can I get signed up?

We can have your school or trust set up on the platform on the same day you submit your sign up form. Get started here.


Or contact us at

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