🎶 This is how we do… lead generation

Authentic gestures and meaningful conversations can have more of an impact than you might think. Have leads fall hook, line and sinker with microgifts. 🎣

Our microgifts add an emotive layer to messages and communication. Perfect for performance marketing and lead generation. As a business, these tools might feel like a ‘nice to have’ but the ROI on them isn’t just smiles. It’s engagement, solid leads, and most importantly, revenue.


How can I use it for lead gen?

🎣 LinkedIn
Instead of inviting someone to connect with a message, go one step further and invite them for coffee with a real one instead.

🎣 Follow ups
Get talking to a potential client at an event, breakfast or seminar? Cut through the follow up noise with a little something extra in your message.

🎣 Email engagement
Got a list of leads you need to reengage? Include the promise of a treat in the subject line and watch your open rate sky rocket. Find out more about Total Media’s engagement campaign below.

🎣 Business cards
Our teams have microgifts hidden behind QR codes on their business cards. So, when you exchange cards with one of us, you don’t just grab our details, you get a coffee, too. We’ve had plenty of impressed people and companies follow up with us because of the added extra. If you’d like to give this a go, get in touch and we can help.


How have clients used it for lead gen?

One of our favourite lead gen campaigns came from Total Media – The Behavioural Planning & Media Buying Agency – who used it to reengage (and cheer up!) one of their email lists on Blue Monday. They chose to support small businesses and sent their leads an independent coffee – a unique product redeemable at hundreds of independent coffee shops across the UK.

Their objective was to reengage leads and that they did, successfully opening up cold conversations and new opportunities to sell.


Sounds epic. How do I do it?

  1. Log in to the biz platform ⭐️ (Get started if you don’t have an account).
  2. Choose a microgift 🍩🥤☕️🎟 🍰and create your links.
  3. Send them as a link or hyperlink from an image in your usual comms.
  4. Watch the leads roll in…

Feeling inspired 🤩 and want to turn cold leads into in-person conversations?

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This blog is part of a (Montell Jordan inspired) content series that intends to educate, inspire 🤩 and help you share microgifts like a pro. Look out for the next post on Customer service and support.

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