Pleo client story: Customer engagement

📕 The Pleo & huggg story so far

Fintech company Pleo uses the huggg for biz ⭐ platform to send their customers’ microgifts. We caught up with Customer Success Lead, Natalie White to find out more about the different ways that they use huggg to increase customer engagement.


☕ Hey Natalie, what was troubling you?

“As an innovative FinTech business, which is focused on simplifying experiences for our clients, it was really important for me to find a simple way to reward loyal customers in a personal and innovative way. Huggg’s reward platform seemed like such an easy and flexible solution to engage our customers and fit our company brand and values, at a low cost.


 📱 How does huggg help?

We use it in lots of different ways, but here are a few examples of how it helps us improve customer experiences:

  1. It adds a human touch. Whether it’s an outreach effort or cheering up a client who has had a rough day, or an issue with our product 🤫, emailing them a coffee or cake brightens their day and leaves a positive impression.
  2. It increases customer engagement. If we want to book in a review call before or after business hours, we will send the invitation with a coffee as an incentive. It works a treat 😉
  3. It rewards our customers. When a superstar admin sets up a group training for all their staff to use Pleo, or a nervous manager starts handing out Pleo cards like candy, we’ll email or text them with a microgift as a thank you.

Treating out customers with microgifts from huggg contributes towards our customer loyalty and retention.


🙋‍♀️ Anything else?

We’re using huggg to ‘virtually hug’ our wonderful clients. Sharing a microgift after a tough call or a great win shows we’re human too and we appreciate our clients in the same way they appreciate us 🙂 Microgifts are an easy way of saying ‘thanks’ in a unique and personal way.”


🚀 Thanks Natalie! We look forward to continuing on this journey with you!


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