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Surprise, delight and retain your customers with huggg.

So, your customers mean the world 🌍 to you and you want to keep’ em sweet. I’m kinda buzzed. It’s all because… we have just the thing for you.

Gone are the days where building loyalty with your customers meant offering gift cards and discounts. Consumers expect more from the brands they love 🧡. In this blog, we’ll show you how to keep touchpoints high and costs low with our emotive marketing and retention tactics.

Take this scenario:

Here’s £3, buy yourself a coffee. Weird.
Here’s a coffee on us. Nice.

Stay ahead of the curve by offering your customers the real thing. Think a warm coffee ☕️ on a cold day, a night at the movies 🎟 just because. Our huggg for biz ⭐️ platform equips you with the tools to seamlessly share microgifts with your customers to brighten their day.

Why bother? Brands that are meaningful and viewed as making the world a better place outperform the stock market by 134%.

Let us inspire 🤩 you with two real-life surprise and delight campaigns, brought to you by Mush and VeryMe.


🤩 Mush

The app that brings mums together surprised users with a Monday morning caffeine hit, just because.

By adding a microgift to their comms in the form of a little pick-me-up, Mush let their community of mums know that they do an amazing job, every day. They issued an email directing their users to the app to claim their coffee, meaning thousands of activations for them and a reward for their mums. Win-win.

Sounds cool. But literally, how do you do it?

  1. Log on to the huggg for biz ⭐️ platform
  2. Customise your microgifts – follow our 4-step guide to huggg for biz if you need some help
  3. Craft a suitable subject line for your email that entices your customers – get access to exclusive email templates when you become a huggg for biz customer
  4. Embed your microgift behind an image and/or word in your app
  5. Issue email campaign. Surprise and delight 😍 your customers!


🤩 VeryMe

VeryMe rewards from Vodafone treated their customers to a free tea or coffee to collect at one of our amazing independent huggg spots.

Go on. But literally, how?

  1. Log on to the huggg for biz ⭐️ platform
  2. Customise your microgifts – follow our 4-step guide to huggg for biz if you need some help
  3. Embed your microgift behind a cool image or card in your app. Be sure to add a description for the reward itself – we can help with this!
  4. Send a push prompting your users to open the app and grab their reward.
  5. Watch your customers engage 😍 and enjoy.


How else can microgifts boost customer loyalty?

The possibilities are endless. We’ll give you a few ideas to get the juices flowing:

😍 Gamify the customer journey by offering microgifts along the way

😍 Offer microgifts on purchase or repeat purchase

😍 Offer recurring weekly rewards to retain the customer

😍 Celebrate the customer for being with you for 6 months, a year, etc

😍 Treat your customer on their birthday or other relevant days of the year


A step further, integrate with us!

If you’re really big on customer loyalty and would like to see this inside your platform, or perhaps you like the sound of a personalised flow (wrapped in your branding) – check out our developer section on the website or talk to us.


Feeling inspired? We thought so. Our teams can help you find success with your campaigns.

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This blog is part of a (Montell Jordan inspired) content series that intends to educate, inspire 🤩 and help you share microgifts like a pro. Look out for the next post on Lead Generation.

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