🎶 This is how we do… acquisition and incentivisation

Acquire new customers and incentivise actions with microgifts. Yep. The party’s underway…

Whether it’s acquiring new customers 📈 or incentivising signups, feedback or that first purchase, we’re all just trying to get people to do stuff.

But consumers won’t do anything these days unless you dangle a carrot 🥕 in front of them.

Discount codes and gift vouchers tend to be the go-to solution for customer acquisition and incentives but people expect more in exchange for their interest, info or action. Basically, it takes much more to impress.

The good news? We’ve got something to help lower costs 💰 and cut through the noise 📣

It’s called microgifting.

Swap downloads, sign-ups, purchases and more for a doughnut, coffee, slice of cake or cinema ticket. Purchased from our platform and shared via any comms channel you like. Keep scrolling to see how it works.

What can I incentivise with microgifts?

In truth? Anything you like. We’ve seen clients find success using microgifts for:

📈 Customer acquisition. Incentivise sign ups, downloads, and installs.
📈 Feedback. Get people to submit survey responses and app store reviews.
📈 Referrals. Treat people who tell their pals about you.
📈 Data capture. Swap a sign up or form fill for something small.
📈 Customer Loyalty. Although, more on that later in the week.
📈 For good. Donate to a cause and get a microgift in return.

But don’t let this list limit your imagination. Whether you’re an eCommerce site working with scarcity and upgrades to drive transactions, or a company using vouchers and discount codes to incentivise feedback, data sharing or transactions, we can make microgifting work for you.

What are the benefits of microgifting over other incentives?

⭐️ More bang for your buck. We don’t attribute a monetary value to microgifts, which means the perceived value to the customer of receiving a coffee far outweighs the cost of purchasing one from us. Win.

⭐️ Instant gratification. Consumers don’t want to jump through hoops to get to their incentives anymore and expect to feel good at the point of completing an action. A microgift is just a link, so they can grab their reward in just one click. Smooth.

⭐️ It’s different. Consumers have become accustomed to discount codes and vouchers. So much so, they’re becoming less effective and attractive as incentives. Microgifts will help you stand out from the crowd.

⭐️ You get your money back. When a new customer, form filler or signer upper claims their microgift, they’ll have a limited amount of time to go and collect it (set by you.) If they do not redeem within this period, the microgift will expire and the funds will go back into your wallet to spend on more incentives or rewards.

⭐️ Turn your own products into microgifts. If you have products you’d like to be able to share with customers or teams for sampling or incentivisation, we can make it happen. Get in touch.

See it in action 🎬

VC Students | Customer Acquisition

VC Students have found success swapping sign-ups for small treats (microgifts) such as coffee ☕️ and cinema tickets 🎟

Why does it work so well for VCS?

Understanding their audience better than their best mate means they know exactly what will grab their attention, be of value and at what times they’re likely to engage. Their campaigns have been 🔥 from the get-go. They run lead-up communications to create anticipation around the campaign and the instant gratification of a microgift means students see the value in the moment, creating even more of a buzz 🐝

Find out more about their ongoing campaigns and success here.

Feeling inspired to incentivise with something other than gift cards or discount codes? Good. Our teams can help you find success with your campaigns.

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P.S. A fun fact for ya:

“The idea of offering incentives to entice customers is not new. Back in 1881, businessman William Wrigley, Jr. drove sales of baking powder by including two packs of chewing gum with each unit sold. Sure, customers enjoyed the product, but they also loved the extra bonus that came with it. (Little did Wrigley Jr. know this incentive would become more popular than the product itself, thus giving birth to the Wrigley Gum empire).”Emarsy’s

Cool, eh? We thought so, too.


This blog is part of a (Montell Jordan inspired) content series that intends to educate, inspire 🤩 and help you share microgifts like a pro. Look out for the next post on Customer Loyalty and Retention.

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