🎶 This is how we do it : An Introduction

A (Montell Jordan inspired) content series that intends to educate, inspire 🤩 and help you share microgifts like a pro.

We’re a microgifting platform. A place to purchase small treats like coffee, cake, cinema tickets and doughnuts to share with customers and people.

But we’re also really good at communications and marketing, too. In fact, we do it like nobody does… 😉

We’ve helped a bunch of companies find success using microgifts for customer acquisition campaigns, lead generation, customer loyalty and support.

But it’s new, so takes a little know-how. Luckily, we’ve got it.

So, whether you’re a lower case g or a BIG G, we can help you reach your goals and objectives.

Over the next week or so, we’ll be sharing expert advice on: 

Week One 

🥕 Acquisition and Incentivisation
It’s the question on everyone’s lips. How do I get more users, downloads, installs and sign-ups for as little cash as possible? Well, we’ve cracked it. And it’s actually very simple to set up.

😍 Customer Loyalty
Gone are the days where gift cards and discounts would keep your customers happy. Consumers expect more from the brands they love. Keep touchpoints high and costs low with our emotive marketing and retention tactics.

⭐️ Lead generation
No matter how big or small, companies are always looking for ways to bring in new business. We’ve found creative and successful ways to cut through the inbox noise to turn fruitful leads on LinkedIn and email into successful in-person conversations.

Week Two

⭐️ Customer support
Compensating customers can be expensive and tricky to implement. We’ve found ways to keep everyone happy when things go wrong (and right). Generate App Store reviews, and compensate negative experiences in an instant for better experiences and results.

⭐️ HR reward and recognition
We’ve made peer to peer rewarding possible. And top-down recognition easier (and better) than ever before. Celebrate milestones, share recurring treats and hat tip your teams with more than just your bog-standard gift card or celebratory Slack message.

⭐️ Community management
Engagement metrics on social media will not budge unless you’re doing something different. Be impactful and stand out from the crowd by using microgifting for influencer campaigns, giveaways and interactions.

Feeling inspired? 🤩 Us too.

Tip up your cup, throw your hands up, and let us hear the party (your team) say…

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Log in or get started with Huggg for Biz ⭐️ today.

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