VoucherCodes client story: Acquiring new members

📗 The VoucherCodes & huggg story so far

Since September 2019 the VC Students arm of VoucherCodes has worked closely with huggg to offer students thousands of Caffè Nero coffees,  Odeon Cinema tickets and cupcakes, during Freshers week and beyond.

We caught up 📞 with Alex Bosier, General Manager of VC Students, to find out more about how they’re using huggg.


☕ Hey Alex, what was troubling you?

“The beginning of the new academic year (Freshers week) is a really important time for me and the team at VC Students to acquire new members.

There are a lot of businesses vying for the students’ attention, so I had to think of new ways to cut through that noise 📢 and welcome students to the platform, while still keeping the customer acquisition costs low.”


 📱 How does huggg help?

“After hearing about huggg, I spoke with their team and was really excited about its potential to help us increase student signups. I decided to use huggg as part of our #FOMOFortnight campaign. Using a mixture of social media and email campaigns we promoted free coffees ☕, Lola’s cupcakes 🍰 and Odeon cinema tickets 🎫. The students just had to sign up to become a VC Students member and then claim their treat.

We are testing different types of offers, from a ‘first come, first served’ limited cinema ticket campaign 👇, (which saw 2000 tickets go in 9 minutes) to long running coffee campaigns, and recently a cupcake offer for students with a sweet tooth.”


🎁 How did it work out?

“My journey with huggg has had some real highs… and a few lows. But we have formed a fantastic partnership to ensure that we learn quickly and improve with each campaign. I’ve learned that our audience perceive the value of these small, low-cost treats to be higher than some discounted high-cost items, which also helps to keeps our CAC down.

Huggg is now an integral part of my acquisition strategy going forward. I’m introducing the team to the wider VoucherCodes group and working closely to continue to offer coffees, cinema tickets and sweet treats as well as some exciting new huggg products on the horizon 🥟.”


🙋‍♀️ Anything else?

“huggg treats really appeal to our student audience and it is proving to be a new and effective addition to our acquisition strategy. I personally enjoy working with the huggg team, whose passion for their product is infectious. I’m excited to see what the future brings for VC Students and huggg.”


🚀 Thanks Alex! We’ve enjoyed working with you too. Onwards and upwards!


download the huggg app today. welcome to the #hugggLife.

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