A Year Since London Launch!

And just like that, it’s October. A WHOLE YEAR since we brought huggg to the capital.


We’ve learnt lots.

How to grow a team. Scale our independent coffee network. And what people really love and want from huggg.

We’ve grown from 200 huggg spot locations in two cities to over 1000 nationwide 🤯

We’ve watched thousands of people and businesses send hugggs.

And thousands collect them.

That’s thousands of days made. Thousands of smiles 😃 created. And plenty of love 🧡 shared.

It looks like we’re en route to achieving what we set out to do 🚀 and we’re very happy about it.


Thanks for your continued support on this wild ride. It means more than you know.

Let’s take a look back at our journey together over the past 12 months…




📅 October 2018 – London launch at Google Campus! 🎉

We were told not to throw a launch party, so we did it anyway. And it was the right choice! We drank beer, threw glitter and munched on doughnuts (thanks, Crosstown). It was the perfect way to mark our new chapter after months of hard work.


📅 November 2018 – Things got sweeter with Lola’s 🧁

We launched Lola’s Cupcakes just in time for winter. The perfect huggg for those flitting about the capital, it was the perfect partner post-London launch.


📅 December 2018 – The NHS and huggg for good 🧡

Last Christmas, we wanted to huggg a bunch of people who deserved it more than most, so we chose to huggg NHS staff at the BRI. We added a cup of something warm to their weekly newsletter to collect over the festive period to say thank you.




📅 January 2019 – Forbes 🗞️ and The Golden Era 👑

It’s safe to say, we kicked off the year with a bang. A mention in Forbes as a ‘Startup to Watch 2019’ and the launch of our ‘Download huggg and get 5 golden hugggs free!’ campaign, meant we saw more of you huggging than ever before.


📅 February 2019 – Odeon and Vue 🎥🍿

Yup. We launched our first ‘experience huggg’ and nationwide product with Odeon and Vue back in February – a very exciting time for us, as our range of hugggable products grew.


📅 March 2019 – Coffee ☕ and Community⚡

Another month, another brand partnership – and this time, it was Caffè Nero. Our Power huggger community also sprung to life in March – a group of people champion the huggg life 😎 more than most. If you’d like to be part of it, let us know. We’re always on the lookout for good people to shape what we do.


📅 April 2019 – Vodafone and huggg 📱❤️

In April, we partnered with our first biz customer, Vodafone! They treated their customers to a cup of independent coffee in just a couple of clicks. Swish.



📅 May 2019 – huggg for biz ⭐ and new cities 📍 live

Once we knew businesses wanted to use huggg, we realised we needed to build a product. Jumping to it, we launched a BETA version of our huggg for biz platform and watched people get creative (Eve Sleep and Benefit Cosmetic, we’re looking at you!). We also began to launch huggg in new cities – from Oxford and Cambridge to Brighton and Manchester – it was time to get the country live and huggging.


📅 June 2019 – YunoJuno celebrated National Freelancers Day 💻

Freelancers and contractors are super important to us at huggg. In fact, we wouldn’t be where we are without them, so we were delighted when YunoJuno decided to send their audience Caffè Nero coffee to mark the occasion.



📅 July 2019 – Penguin Random House Partnership 🐧📚

We celebrated Pride month by reskinning our coffee and cake hugggs with rainbows and donating 100% of our profit to akt charity. At the same time, we partnered with Penguin Random House to celebrate the launch of Dom + Ink’s FREE TO BE ME, adding coffee hugggs to the covers of books and putting cupcakes in Dom’s bio on launch day!


📅 August 2019 – Crumbs Award Finalists 🏆 and GLOW UP 💅

Yessir. We found out in August that we’re finalists at the Crumbs Awards. We find out our fate on Sunday night. Wish us luck!

We also had a bit of a glow up in August, with the super talented Jasmine Hortop bringing our marketing materials to life. People are at the heart of what we do, so it was a no brainer to add some characters to the mix. We’ll introduce you to them soon.


📅 September 2019 – Fleksy launch 🚀

Back to school was BIG for us as we announced our first API integration with Fleksy! This integration enables Fleksy’s UK Android users to send hugggs straight from the keyboard, bringing gifting to messages in the UK and huggg to someone else’s platform. Natch.


📅 October 2019 – Foresight Factory with Deliveroo 🥙 and Avios ✈️

We were delighted to join a panel with two industry leaders this week to talk all things customer loyalty. We’re excited about helping businesses be a bit more human and look forward to where huggg for biz will take us in the new year… watch this space.


And that’s all, folks. A snippet of highlights from a packed past year.

We think the city has grown much warmer with huggg. In fact, the whole country has.

Next stop for us? The world 🌎


Pick up a huggg or send one today to celebrate a year since London launch.

Thanks again for your continued support. We hope to do you very proud 🧡

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