We’ve integrated with Fleksy! 🚀

… making huggg more accessible than ever before.


On the surface, we have built an app, which allows humans to send small gifts 🎁 to one another from the comfort of their very own phones.

But we have enormous dreams 💭

Ginormous, in fact.

And one of them is to get the whole world 🌍 huggging.

We’ve worked out that the best way to do this is to place ourselves inside every keyboard available to you. Which means, everywhere you see an emoji keyboard 😀 you’ll see a huggg one. Packed full of small treats – such as coffee ☕ a slice of cake 🍰 or cinema tickets 🎟 – to send to those you love.

And we’re excited to announce that the team at Fleksy are paving 👣 the way forward by integrating us into their platform, enabling UK Android users to send hugggs through Fleksy.

Not sure what Fleksy is? Or how it will benefit you? Allow us to explain 👇

“What is Fleksy?”

Fleksy is a keyboard you can download to your phone 📱 which features mini-apps letting you search the web, share GIFs, book plane tickets, find restaurants and much more without ever leaving your conversation. In short, Fleksyapps make it convenient to search for and share stuff with friends and we like it.

“How does huggg fit into this?”

We’ve added our huggg app to their portfolio of existing ones for UK Android users. The beginning of a new wave of integrations for Fleksy, we have put real-world treats 🎁 into their platform, for their users to purchase and send.

“I still don’t get it.”

Cool. An example might help.

Have you ever spent hours labouring over a message, trying to find the words, when you could have sent them a thoughtful treat (which would mean so much more) instead?

Well, Fleksy is here to remind you, in the moment, to pair your message with a huggg. So, when you type ‘Sorry!’ to a friend, we might suggest also sending something 🍩 to sweeten it up.

“Ah, gotcha. Which hugggs are included?”

All of them! Any huggg you see in our app will be available to send 💌 using Fleksy. The way you make your purchases will all look and feel the same as they do when using huggg, so it’s simple to navigate.

“Wow, does that mean I can finally send hugggs to friends abroad?”

Not yet. Our supply base spans over 1000 sites across the UK 🇬🇧 but we have plans to expand into new territory next year, so do keep your peepers peeled for which countries we’re headed next.

“Cool! I wanna check it out – how do I sign up?”

Download the Fleksy app for Android 👾 and get huggging.

If you’re on Apple 🍎 and feeling neglected? Don’t! Check out our iMessage app – it’s pretty great.

We’ve had our Fleksy integration in the pipeline for a while now, and we are very excited to finally be able to share the news with our community and friends.

To keep up with exciting news, announcements and brand new huggg spots, join the huggg life 😎 or follow us on socials @huggg_uk. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of our Fleksy news. We want to make it as swish, helpful and hugggable as we can, so we’re all ears 👂

As always, thanks for the support and happy huggging 🧡

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