Look out for new-look marketing at our huggg spots 👀


There’s a theme – you! 🙋‍♀️ The thousands who are already choosing to huggg and brighten the lives of the people they care about in small ways, every day. 

Believe it or not, it’s the first time we’ve incorporated people into our branding, which makes lots of sense to us, considering human relationships are what we’re all about.

So, a couple of creative meetings and flat whites ☕️ with very talented illustrator Jasmine Hortop later, we were en route to some new-look marketing for our partner stores (and more!) 


Coming to a huggg spot near you…

🎨 Magic Number

Gone are the days of ‘what’s the store pin?’ This cheeky little number will sit on the counter holding the store’s magic number, ready for a customer to tap into their phone when collecting a huggg. 

Enter it when prompted and – abracadabra – you’ve been huggged! 

🎨 Why we’re a huggg spot

We’re picky about who we accept to join the huggg life 😎  These will sit proudly in our partner stores to let the world know why they’re hugggable. 

🎨 Postcard flyers about huggg for biz

You heard it here first!

🎨 Stickers

You may even spot some of these gorgeous stickers about the place:

We hope you like them as much as we do! A big thanks to Jaz for doing such a stellar job 👊


If you spot any of our new merch in the wild 🐆 take a snap and tag us on social @huggg_uk.

We’ll huggg you back and send you a sticker or two to keep if you’re lucky 😉


Photo credit 📸 – Ciara Hillyer 

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