£1 coffee hugggs for one day only! ⏰

This offer has now expired 👀

We’ve made it to the hump 🐪 of the working week 👏 and thought we’d celebrate with a price drop. Send a £1 coffee ☕️ huggg to your friend, colleague or loved one 🧡 today.

☕️ Where can they collect their coffee huggg?

Coffee hugggs can be collected and enjoyed at 267 hand-picked locations across the UK. Check out the map to find out where!

☕️ Do the £1 coffee hugggs have a different expiry?

Nope! They have a whole 365 days to collect and enjoy, just like any other huggg.

☕️  I want to send a £1 coffee huggg, where can I find it in the app? 🔎

Tap ‘send a huggg’ on the yellow home screen card and dadaaa! Start personalising your £1 coffee huggg ✏️

Who gets yours? Send a £1 huggg and make their day!

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£1 coffee huggg offer available between 9am – 5pm on Wednesday 11 September 2019. We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.

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