Why the 3 gs?


When we were naming ourselves, we were looking for something warm and lovely that conjured up a moment of happiness. That’s a hug by any other name! 🤗

But we knew we could do a little bit better than that. So we got creative with our spelling and popped a couple of extra gs in the mix 🎨

Why? Well, good things come in threes! 👪

There’s three musketeers, three ingredients in a BLT, and three members in Destiny’s Child.

It really is a magic number✨

We added those extra gs to help us stand out, so everyone knows the difference between a hug (a nice squeeze) and a huggg (a message sprinkled with magic).

We like to think of those extra letters as an echo – because when you huggg someone, the good vibes last a little bit longerrr! 📣

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