Our Mission 🌎


We’ve set out to make the world a brighter place,
One small gesture at a time.
No quirks, no quibbles.
Just kindness.

We want to see more smiles.
Spontaneous moments.
And delight.

So we took a simple, everyday interaction
And made it possible.
By turning words into a real thing
For somebody else.

From our team at HQ and the brands we partner with,
To the thousands of humans who are already choosing to huggg,
We are all on one mission:
To impact the lives of those we care about in small measures, every day.

Send a huggg and you not only make one person’s day
But contribute to a wider movement that is committed to spreading joy
As far and as wide as possible, one huggg at a time.

Tiny acts can have big impacts.
But even more so when we’re all in it together.

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