Why We Love Huggg

We asked our power hugggers ⚡️ to share the love, here’s what they had to say about us 😍

Beyonce has the Beyhive. Justin Beiber has the Beliebers. And we’ve got the power hugggers.

That’s right – our squad of super fans that are out there sending and receiving hugggs on the regs. 🧡 They’re the folks that got in there early, shared the love on social, huggg far and wide and are just generally good eggs. For having our backs and being all about the #huggglife they get to test new features and help us make decisions that shape the future of huggg. They even get a few more perks, including a huggg or two from huggg!


We’re on a mission to make the greatest gifting app in the universe and we can’t do that without the help of these extra wonderful humans. 💓 We welcome every bit of feedback and every idea that our power hugggers share with us. 

Everyone that takes the time to drop us an email, give us a shoutout on social media, or write us an App Store review helps to shape our platform – and make huggg even more unique and awesome. 💥


So when and why do our power hugggers send hugggs? And how much do they love us? 

Here are some of our favourite quotes from our power hugggers: ⚡


My favourite thing about huggg is being able to send someone something that will make their day in seconds. Good hugggs = good karma! 😃

We couldn’t agree more, Heather 👍

I love huggg because it’s a fun way to treat a friend. 

Jonathan’s got the right idea 💭

I like spoiling the people in my life. Nothing says “soz, you’re having a bad day, treat yourself to summin’ nice” like a specially selected huggg. 

Robyn – the queen of #treatyoself 💁

I accidentally discovered huggg whilst Googling RAOK (random acts of kindness) ideas. I instantly fell in love with the concept, and am really enjoying seeing you grow from a few coffee shops in Bristol to taking over the UK!

Next stop, world domination with Laura! 🌍


What I enjoy the most about huggg is the ability to let someone know that I’m thinking of them, and being able to send people small gestures. It’s so easy to use, so for people’s birthday’s, where I’d usually buy a card I’m now sending hugggs instead.

Sheree is winning at birthdays! 🎂


I love the concept of huggg and being able to send hugggs to friends in Bristol and London to say happy birthday, thanks or just I’m thinking of you!

Laura hugggs at home and away. 🏖


Feel like sharing the love?

Download huggg and join us on our journey to change the way we send messages 💌 for the better, forever. 

Find out how to become a power huggger here and who knows – you might see your own quote on the huggg blog one of these days. 😊

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