All aboard! Flying Coffee Bean are on huggg.

commuting never tasted so good!

We’ve all been there. That morning when you are travelling to work and the train has been delayed, or the evening when all you want to do is get home. Commuting can be dreary, lonely and downright annoying. πŸ˜•

Cue FCB Coffee! These hugggable coffee shops are the perfect pick-me-up for any journey. Located in train stations which, let’s face it, aren’t renowned for great coffee, FCB Coffee are pouring top-notch speciality coffee. They’re also live on the huggg map, which means you can send a coffee β˜•οΈ that will brighten anyone’s commute and pop a smile πŸ˜€ on their face.

Wish them a happy commute!

how much does it cost to send a FCB Coffee huggg? πŸ‘›

FCB Coffee have been added to our hot drink hugggs and are Β£3 to send.

where are FCB Coffee located πŸ“

There are 9 FCB Coffee stores located in

πŸ“Guilford Station, Guilford

πŸ“Denmark Hill, Windsor

πŸ“Blackfriars, London

πŸ“Woking Station, Woking

πŸ“Tonbridge Station, Tonbridge

πŸ“Brighton Station Kiosk

πŸ“Brighton Station Shop (Passenger Lounge)

πŸ“NEC, Birmingham

πŸ“Olympia, London

You can head to the map in the app to check them out as well.

do they need the app to receive the huggg?πŸ“±

They won’t need the app to receive the huggg – it simply pings through like any other message and they don’t even need the app to collect it either!


So if you know someone who could do with a boost on their daily commute, have a go at sending them a hot drink huggg so they can swing by an FCB Coffee.

send a someone special an FCB Coffee huggg today.

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