Introducing our Pride charity, akt

This year, we’ve chosen to support akt, the world’s first ever service for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. 🌈

We’re in a fortunate position at huggg, where we can offer support to causes we really care about – particularly when they champion inclusion, diversity and kindness.

For Pride 2019, we have chosen to partner with akt to raise awareness about homelessness amongst young LGBTQ+ people, as well as highlighting the work they do to protect and promote this community. 🙌

akt (previously the Albert Kennedy Trust) is a voluntary organisation created in 1989 to serve LGBTQ+ young people who are homeless, living in a hostile environment or in housing crisis.

This year, akt marks its 30th anniversary 🎉 with their proudest Pride ever. Time has passed, but the issue of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness is as prominent now as it was in 1989. Thankfully, akt is still going strong in 2019 – and we’re honoured to play a small part in their celebrations, as well as their ongoing mission. 


So, how did akt begin?

Back in 1989, Cath Hall, an experienced foster carer and founding member of Manchester Parents Group (MPG) became acutely aware of the rejection of young LGBTQ+ people from their family homes, and the homophobia they faced within school and society. 

Cath was an activist during the days of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality and is the original straight ally. She and six volunteers met at Manchester Town Hall to launch The Albert Kennedy Trust (akt). Boom! 💥 – the world’s first ever service for homeless LGBTQ+ youth was born, providing safe homes and support, then later, mentoring for young people. 👪

Cath described setting up the trust to provide ‘a very safe place for young people, where they’d also meet good people to model themselves on… It was an emotional response, an angry response, to what was going on at the time.”

Since akt began, the organisation has helped thousands of young people find safe spaces to call home – and thrive in. From being awarded the Stonewall Equality Award to supporting the development of STREHA (eastern Europe’s first charity offering emergency accommodation to LGBT youth), akt has worked tirelessly to champion LGBTQ+ rights. We’re proud to partner with such a kind, caring and passionate group of people. 😊

This Pride season, every time you send a rainbow huggg 🌈, akt will receive 100% of huggg’s proportion of the profits from that purchase. 

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