Search for hugggs on the map

It’s as easy as pie to search the huggg map 🥧

We’ve added the huggg map to our website so you can take a look at all our huggg spots without reaching for your phone! This is the same as the map in the app and is the most up to date listing of all our amazing huggg partners across the UK. So if you want to huggg someone a bit further afield, you can check where and what they can redeem before you send.

Clever, huh? 🤓

How do you use it?

👉 Simple! Tap the search bar and start typing the name of the area you want to look at, like Southbank or Clifton, and let the map do the rest. You can search by name, postcode – and even brand!

👉 To zoom into the map, tap any of the circles with a number on them. It’ll zone in on the huggg spots in that area.

👉 If you want even more info on a particular huggg spot, hit the map pin. Irregular opening times or exclusions on the huggg, like not allowing a triple chocolate mocha with gold dust on a hot drink huggg? We’ll let you know there. 😉

Happy searching and if your favourite spot is missing, let us know here and you could earn yourself 10 free hugggs if they sign up!

Got a burning question? Our customer support champs can help! Contact them via Intercom (the orange bubble at the bottom of this page), via or @huggg_uk.

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