huggg comes to Cambridge! 🙌

Send hugggs in another iconic city 🌆

Lots of you wrote in to ask whether we could make Cambridge hugggable – and we’re excited to say, we have!

From the River Cam (and it’s beautiful bridges) to the Hogwarts-esque university colleges dotted around the city, we think Cambridge fits our hugggable criteria quite nicely – which is why we decided to get it live and huggging with our independent coffee product. ☕

This means you can now send hot drinks to those living, working or studying in Cambridge! 🧡

We’ve got plenty of amazing huggg spots to choose from, where friends, colleagues or loved ones will be able to collect their hot drink hugggs. They’re an eclectic bunch – from those who serve up Portuguese pastries to those who also sell potted plants on the side – so, we’re excited to show you who we have onboard. 

Explore our Cambridge huggg spots below! 👇


The Roguery

The Roguery doesn’t just sell coffee, it’s a hip barber shop specialising in some of the most excellent beards and moustaches we’ve ever laid eyes on. 💇

Now serving speciality coffee from The Brew Project.

Find them here.



A super central cafe owned by the food writer and restaurateur Bill Sewell, Michaelhouse cafe sits in a cosy corner of St Michael’s church.

All their cakes are made fresh on the daily – we hear especially great things about their scones! 😛

Find them here.


Norfolk Street Bakery

A local, independent bakery with two lovely locations – everything you eat and drink at Norfolk Street is made with love!

Both shops also sell speciality products from Portugal – Pastel de nata, anyone? 💚

Two locations, the Old Norfolk Street bakery and the Norfolk Street Bakery at Station Road.


5 Blends

As well as serving up tasty sandwiches and pastries, 5 Blends also sell their freshly ground coffee and their house blend beans to take home. Delicious! ☕

Find them here.


Little Petra

Little Petra is a family run, Jordanian Cafe managed by Yaseen and Katherine Hlelat. The lovely couple serve up Jordanian specialities alongside wraps and salads – and the cafe is decorated with Katherine’s stunning photos of Jordan. 📸

Find them here.



Cafe Abantu is managed by South African ex-pat Wendy, who serves up Fairtrade, organic coffee, delicious homemade cakes and a flavour packed menu which changes daily. 🍰

Find them here.


The Moringa Tree

We love a cafe packed with plants and speciality coffee! 🌿

Their green fingered staff serve Hot Numbers coffee and Blue Bird loose-leaf tea in a lovely light-filled space. They also sell potted plants to take home.

Find them here.


Flavour Station

Super stylish and just as convenient, the iconic black and gold Flavour Station can be found right outside Cambridge Station. These uber talented baristas serve up Allpress coffee, and make it look real good, whatever the weather. ☀️🌧❄️

Find them here.




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