What’s the difference between independent and branded hugggs?

You will have noticed there are two ✌️ types of huggg to share

Those that are adorned with our huggg colours and logo 🧡, and those that are draped in the design elements of a particular brand. 

We’ve been asked A LOT about what the difference is between the two, so let us break it down for you.


Independent hugggs

Our trusty independent hugggs offer a whole other level of flexibility and choice.

We currently have independent coffee ☕ and independent gelato 🍨 available to send, with more options to be added real soon, including beer🍺, pizza 🍕 and maybe even cocktails 🍸. Find out more about our independent hugggs by clicking the realmoji below 👇

Independent Coffee | huggg Independent Gelato | huggg

Our independent coffee hugggs are redeemable at some smaller brands like Swoon Gelato, or some Crosstown Doughnuts stores but they are not redeemable at larger brands. This means they are NOT redeemable at Caffè Nero (sorry!). You can, however, collect independent hugggs from hundreds of local coffee shops and gelaterias across London, Bristol, Bath and Cambridge, though. And by sending them, you’re supporting a local independent – double the feel-good factor ☀️.

The best way to find out where you can collect an independent coffee ☕ or independent gelato 🍨 huggg is to check the in-app map for participating huggg spot locations 📍 You’ll be surprised at how many weird and wonderful places there are to discover 🗺️


Branded hugggs

We’ve partnered with some awesome brands to bring you hugggs 🤗 from some of your favourite places. And these are strictly redeemable at our brand partner sites.

You can tell if you’ve been sent one because your huggg will appear in the app with the brand’s logo, just like this 👇

Lola's Cupcakes | hugggCrosstown Doughnut | hugggCaffè Nero | hugggThe Juice Collective | hugggOdeon Cinema | huggg

Pinkmans | huggg Mrs Potts | hugggKonditor | hugggIsle of Flowers | huggg

Not sure where to find out where you can collect them? Don’t worry – all participating sites are on the map in the app.

When you’ve reached your destination, just click on ‘collect my huggg’ and your server will take you through the rest. Cue warm and fuzzy feeling. 😊


Got a burning question 🔥 or need a little help to huggg? Get in touch on socials @huggg_uk – we’re always scrolling.

download the huggg app today. welcome to the #hugggLife.

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