Be The Most Hugggable Partner

How to become ‘most hugggable partner of the month’

Every month, we bestow the crown of ‘most huggable’ 👑 atop the bonce of one of our esteemed partners.

Here’s how we decide who deserves this honour.

We’re proud of every partnership we’ve developed at huggg. As part of our ongoing mission to find and delight more customers with our messages, we’ve created a five step criteria to recognise our most huggable partners. We celebrate a new ‘most huggable’ partner every month in the partner newsletter, here’s how you can get your brand to the top of our huggg list.


The five step guide to becoming ‘most hugggable partner’

Get social 👪

We love a social media shout out, whether it’s a tweet, Facebook post or a pic on the ‘gram – the more creative, the better! Don’t forget to @ us on every channel 👇 and use our hashtag #hugggable

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Sparkling customer service ✨

The key to a hugggable partnership is making every moment matter.

That’s why we love hearing about fantastic customer service experiences. We work super hard to make our app as easy and enjoyable to use as possible, but when our customers reach your stores, that’s when it’s your time to shine 🌞. People feedback to us all the time about the service they receive in-store – make sure your reviews are a-gleamin’!

Share your stories 📚

We’re a growing company and we know there’s loads we can learn from our partners. Let us know how you’re finding huggg. What works? And what could be improved? We welcome partner feedback in any form (sing us a song if you like!) and it all counts towards that ‘most hugggable’ crown.  

Amplify the experience 📢

There’s so many little things our partners can do to enhance the huggg experience. We heartily encourage you to make the most of our branded in store collateral – hang posters, stick stickers and generally wave the huggg flaggg from your rooftop. We’re so proud of our partnerships, and we want to see that you are, too. Remember, photos or it didn’t happen!

Compose a limerick about the magic of huggg 📝

We’re not kidding.

Any (clean) huggg-themed limericks will automatically win you the title of ‘most hugggable’ for the month!

We’ll probably throw in a couple of Guinnesses as well. 🍀


We can’t wait to crown next month’s ‘most hugggable’ partner.

May the best huggger… win!

download the huggg app today. welcome to the #hugggLife.

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