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How to share feedback with huggg 🧡

Here at huggg, we’re all about that feedback.

What you share with us about your huggg experience has a real and lasting effect on how we run our company and (hopefully) makes you and your favourite people even happier.

Got something to say? We’re all ears. 👂

We’re a growing business, and our customers’ happiness is our number one priority. We want to hear what you love about huggg, what you think we can do better, and your thoughts on how we can create even more magical messages.

Your feedback shapes our business! 🙌

When we heard that our customers wanted to redeem hugggs outside of the app, we built it. When we found out that our customers wanted to share hugggs via WhatsApp links, we made that happen, too. At HQ, we’re always listening – and working out ways to make huggging even easier and fun. 😋

Here’s how you can get in touch:


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More to say?

Drop us a line via this form – we might even send you a free huggg to say thanks for thinking of us. 😉

And don’t forget, you can always email us here.

We can’t wait to hear your huggg feedback!

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