hold the phone!

You don’t need to hand over your mobile to get a huggg 📞🙅


Hello, fans of huggg!

We just wanted to share a Public Service Announcement – with a smile. 😀

We’ve heard that lots of you lovely people are handing over your phones to your servers when you redeem a huggg in-store.

Well, we’re here to let you know you don’t have to! 👍

When you’re in a shop and ready to redeem a huggg, the app will ask you to enter a unique store PIN number. This is when people tend to hand their phones over to their server, but all you really need to do is:

  • Let your server know you have a huggg ready to redeem
  • The server can simply tell you their PIN, and you can enter it into your phone yourself!

Unlike credit or debit card PINs, our unique store PINs aren’t a secret that needs to be guarded carefully. All the important security stuff is handled on our app, the store PIN just confirms that your huggg has been redeemed. 💫

You’ll enjoy your huggg sooner and save handing your phone over to a (probably very nice) stranger if you just ask them to 🗣 read their PIN out loud to you! It’s that easy.

Any questions? Our customer service team are here to help! Contact them via Intercom (the orange bubble at the bottom of this page), via hello@huggg.me or @huggg_uk

download the huggg app today. welcome to the #hugggLife.

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