enjoy a huggg without downloading the app!

New feature alert! 🔥

You wanted to redeem hugggs without the app 📱 – so, we made it happen! 🎉

With our new feature, the people you love 🧡 can now collect hugggs without downloading the app. Of course, there are always perks to having the huggg app in your pocket, but let’s kick things off by answering some questions❓about this brand new feature.


How does it work? 🤔

Redeeming hugggs in your web browser is pretty much the same as redeeming them in your app.

Here’s what to do:

⭐ Click on the huggg link that your generous mate/sibling/tech savvy granny has sent you.

⭐ Arrive at a welcome page, where you have two options:

  1. Select ‘redeem online’ to collect and enjoy your huggg without the app.
  2. Or tap ‘download the app’ to save it for later in your huggg app.

⭐ If you choose to ‘redeem online’, simply take the landing page with the PIN screen / QR to your chosen huggg spot.

⭐ Order your huggg from your friendly server. They’ll let you know their unique PIN number or you can simply scan the QR. Boom! You’ve been #huggged 🤗 – enjoy!


What do hugggs look in my browser? 👀

Depending on how the huggg is sent, you will see a screen that looks something like this👇

Very similar to the app, right?

Are all hugggs redeemable without the app? 🧡

Yep! We’ve made it possible for every kind of huggg to be redeemed without downloading the app – the choice is yours! 


How do I find out where to collect my huggg from? 📍

When you receive a huggg, you just need to tap ‘Where can I collect it?’ to see a list of participating stores.













What’s so great about having the huggg app then? 🤗

🔒 It keeps your hugggs safe!

Although you might have somewhere to save the huggg links you’ve been sent, it’s safer and easier to keep all your hugggs in one place, using the huggg wallet in the app.

💌 Send hugggs to friends

Although you can now redeem hugggs without the app, you still need it to send them.

🤫 Get first dibs

By opting-in to receive our emails when you download, you’ll be the first to hear about exclusive offers and exciting new partner announcements.

😎 Be part of something great

Our community is made up of genuinely amazing people, all with their hearts in the right place. Join us today.


Questions? Our customer service team can help! Contact them via Intercom (the orange bubble at the bottom of this page), via hello@huggg.me or @huggg_uk. We’re always listening. 👂


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