what can you get for 20p?

Great news πŸ—ž, we’ve dropped the 20p transaction fee!

Now that more and more of you are sending hugggs out into the world, we can keep huggg ticking over without having to add the 20p transaction fee. We’re pretty chuffed about that and think you might be too. Are you wondering what to do with your new found riches πŸ’°? Take a look at some of the cool things you can do with that 20p that stays in your pocket whenever you send a huggg.

Treat yourself 🍭

Gone are the penny sweet days, but you can still grab 10 Black Jacks or Fruit Salad sweets at 2p a pop.

Buy a reusable plastic bag πŸ›

You will still have change after this one, but make sure you reuse it please! A plastic bag isn’t just for Christmas.

Make a decision πŸ€”

Struggling to decide between two options? Flip that coin and leave indecisiveness at the door.

Go old school 🍽

This one isn’t for everyone, but did you know you can pick up a tin of mushy peas for 19p?

Make a difference 🀲

Pop that 20p on someone’s JustGiving page and hit yes for Gift Aid…you just turned 20p into 25p! Magic!

Try your luck πŸ€

Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky go on a penny slot machine…or in this case 20.

Get some stability βš–

If you find yourself at a wobbly table in a cafe, pop that coin under the leg. The best part is if you pick it up when you leave, you’ll still have 20p to do any of the above.


Have you got any other ideas of what to do with your 20p? We’d love to hear them, get in touch via @huggg_uk


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