huggg it out this mental health week


At huggg, we are passionate about health and wellbeing.

We bend and stretch (yoga) every Friday. Make sure our office is packed with fruit 🍇 to gobble while we work and have a #hugggbeing Slack channel. Use our 1-1 time to talk about matters of the mind. And don’t post on Slack after 8pm in a bid to prevent people from working around the clock. 🌙 Because life inside a startup can be hard. And we want to make sure we’re all doing just fine.

We guess it stems from the whole reason huggg started in the first place. Caring for others 🧡 is part of what we do.

But we know life outside a startup is hard, too! And it turns out you have been huggging each other for some heartfelt reasons. You’ve been sending friends coffee to encourage them to leave the house that day. To ask them to take five ⌚ when life has handed them lemons 🍋. Or to let them know you’re thinking of them when words aren’t enough.

Which got us thinking we could play a part in getting people talking or have an impact on how we tackle mental health 🧠.

#hugggitout this Mental Health Week

So, in a bid to encourage more people to take action this Mental Health Week, we have reskinned our independent coffee huggg with a message bubble, to symbolise that it’s time to talk.

This extra special sunshine yellow 🔆 huggg is for the words you can’t find and the conversation you struggle to start. A gesture to send to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. Or ‘you are enough’. In sending this huggg, you are offering a hand and opening a 💬 conversation. You could send it without words, as a way of telling them you’re thinking of them. Or with an invitation to join you for coffee. Sometimes it just takes a little something to open up a conversation and if we can help with that, we’d love to 🌈.

You’ll notice that our huggg it out coffee sits in a category, exclusive to Mental Health Week and will be live for the next 7 days.

It’s a carefully curated space, filled with hugggs of all shapes and sizes that we believe are perfect to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Here’s what we’ve handpicked 🔍.


Send juice 🍹 to encourage them to take care of themselves.

A cinema ticket 🎟 to escape the world.

A plant 🌿 to nurture and bring the outside in.

Or perhaps a loaf of bread 🍞 or box doughnuts 🍩 to share with friends?

Because sometimes words aren’t enough. Or it can be hard to find the words. #hugggitout this week instead.

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