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You know we love our apps at huggg HQ. For Mental Health Awareness Week, we decided to share some of our favourite wellbeing apps.

We’ve asked around the huggg office to see which 🧑 wellbeing apps keep our superstar team going day in, day out. In a world where everyone is working at a million miles an hour πŸš€ and have super busy lives, it is even more important to have a little helping hand (or app) to keep you in mind! Not all of these wellbeing apps are obvious choices, but they’re our top picks. πŸ“±


πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ Headspace – breathe, focus & relax

If you haven’t already heard of Headspace you are in for a treat! This app gives you access to guided meditations to suit your lifestyle. Keep reminders on and you’ll get notified πŸ’‘to down tools and take a short break from your day to focus on you.

πŸ’… Treatwell – the brighter way to book beauty

It’s no big secret that you have to look after yourself if you want to be able to look after others. We think Treatwell is a great place to start. You can search and book a whole host of beauty treatments and a price to suit you and it’s not just for women… everyone feels better after a massage πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ and this is the easiest way to book!

⭐ Fabulous – self-care meets science

Fabulous uses science βš— to improve your wellbeing. It will help you choose better habits and help you adopt them in just 30 days. It will help you see where you can make positive changes to your daily routine so you can free up your time to do more of what matters. We also love their hashtag #EverydayFabulous

πŸ’™ Mush – the friendliest place for Mums

We LOVE Mush, it’s an app that has an impressive community. Mush was created to give all Mums a free and fun way to make new friends. It’s easy to find and chat with likeminded mums and grow your network. They share tonnes of advice and have a mean sense of humour πŸ˜‚ too.

πŸ“‘ IFTTT – get your devices talking to each other

IFTTT stands for If This Then That’ and that is basically how it works. If something happens on one device it will talk to another one and make something happen! So, if your Fitbit sees you don’t hit your sleep target, it can talk to your Google Calendar and remind you to go to bed early the next night – magic! ✨


Have you got an app that is your top swipe for wellbeing? Let us know on social on @huggg_uk and get it added to the list. πŸ—’

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