Spring has sprung on huggg

The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and the flowers have started blooming

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with the bloomin’ marvellous🌷 Isle of Flowers, London just in time for Mother’s Day 💚. But why not veer off the path well-worn and gift a houseplant to your nearest and dearest too. So, whether you want to come up smelling like roses or say aloe aloe 😉 with the perfect plant, we’ve got you covered.

We all know someone in the capital 🏙️ who could use a sweet smelling huggg. Here’s everything you need to know before sending them one today👇

What flowers can I send with huggg? 🌹🌵🌸

We’re glad you asked that. There are 4 options available:

🌹 3 x roses £12

This title is pretty self-explanatory, it’s for 3 gorgeous red or white roses.

🌷 Lilies or Tulips £12.50

Any bunch of lilies or tulips.

🌵 House Plant £15

This is a game-changer, our most long-lasting huggg yet! A choice of their potted houseplant which includes cacti, succulents, echeveria and aloe.

🌹 6 x roses £24

You guessed it, 6 of their awesome red or white roses.

Where can I find flower hugggs in the app?🔎

Well, they didn’t fit in cinema 🎟, or hot drinks ☕️ or even sweet treats 🍩. So, these hugggs deserved a new category, aptly named flowers. Just tap categories from the home screen and you’ll see the flowers 🌻 in all their glory, ready for you to send to someone and make their day.

Where can my friend or colleague collect their flower huggg? 🗺️

With 7 shops located in major 📍London stations, collecting their huggg will be a breeze. Isle of Flowers can be found in Paddington, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Westfield Stratford, Kings Cross, London Victoria and London Bridge.

Don’t forget to share the love 💕

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download the huggg app today. welcome to the #hugggLife.

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