Send Caffè Nero Across the UK!

where there’s a caffè nero, there’s a huggg.

Aside from their award-winning Italian coffee 🇮🇹, we love who Caffè Nero are and what they stand for.

From actively trying to protect our planet 🌎 by reducing their use of plastic ♻️ and sourcing their coffee sustainably, the people at Caffè Nero have their hearts 💙 in the right place, and we like it.

With over 600 sites spanning the breadth of the UK 🇬🇧 they have one simple mission – to serve the best quality espresso ✨ to those who truly love coffee ☕️.

Here’s everything you need to know before sending a Caffè Nero huggg today👇

how much does it cost to send a caffè nero huggg? 👛

Our Caffè Nero hot drink hugggs are £3 (plus a 20p transaction fee!) to send.

where can my friend, colleague or customer collect their caffè nero huggg? 📍

With 627 participating stores across the UK, Caffè Nero hugggs are even more convenient than the last!

Head to the map in the app to check where their nearest Caffè Nero is located, or let them choose one for themselves.

do they need the app to receive the huggg?📱

They won’t need the app to receive the huggg – it simply pings through like any other message, but they will need to download the app to collect the huggg from a Caffè Nero of their choice.

Don’t fret, though. We know huggg is still relatively new, so when you send a huggg to a friend or colleague, we’ll guide them through how to get what you’ve given them.

what can a caffè nero huggg be exchanged for? 🤝

Our Caffè Nero huggg offers lots of flexibility! Whether they’re in the mood for a sweet treat or something stronger, they can choose from the following when they get to the counter:

Any size:

☕ Espresso

☕ Caffè Latte

☕ Cappuccino

☕ Americano

☕ Caffè Mocha

☕ Flat white

☕ Cortado

☕ Standard Hot Chocolate

☕ Tea

are milk alternatives included in a caffè nero huggg? 🐮

You can enjoy soya milk with your hot drink huggg. All other milk alternatives (coconut and oat milk) are not included in the huggg but available as an extra upon collection. Check this handy poster snapped 📸 by one of our team members in store👇.

If you have any other burning questions 🔥, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on socials @huggg_uk – we’re always scrolling!

we all know someone who could use a huggg.

send a caffè nero hot drink huggg today.

download the huggg app today. welcome to the #hugggLife.

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