We’ve partnered with Lola’s Cupcakes! 🧁

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with London’s very own sugar-fix favourite, Lola’s cupcakes.

A haven of rainbow sprinkles ✨ and buttercream swirls 🌀, these are our most decadent hugggs yet. And with free-from options to satiate every vegan 🌱, gluten-free 🌾 and sugar-free 🍬palette in sight, there’s no excuse not to send one to your favourite Londoner.

We all know someone in the capital 🏙️ who could use a huggg.

Here’s everything you need to know before sending them one today👇

💰 How much does it cost to send a Lola’s cupcake?

Our (L-O-L-A) Lola’s cupcake hugggs are £3.50 to send.

🗺️ Where can my friend collect their Lola’s cupcake?

With 18 participating stores across London, Lola’s is our most convenient huggg yet. Head to the map in the app to check where their nearest Lola’s is located, or let the recipient choose one for themselves. When you send a huggg to a friend, we guide them through how to get it  – whether they have the app or not! – so don’t worry too much about them finding somewhere to collect and enjoy.

🛍️ What can a Lola’s cupcake huggg be exchanged for instore?

We understand the importance of choice, so made sure our Lola’s cupcake huggg offers lots of flexibility!

Depending on what your lucky recipient is in the mood for, they can choose from the following when they get to the counter:

✨ Any mini cupcake

✨  Any normal cupcake

✨ Any deluxe cupcake

Cool, eh?

🤝 I’ve been sent a Lola’s cupcake. Can I swap it for a different kind of huggg? 

Nope. The person who sent you the huggg chose it for a reason – because they thought you’d love it!

We don’t want to mess with that kinda thoughtfulness.

⏰ How long do I have to redeem my Lola’s cupcake? 

All hugggs sent via the app are good to collect for 365 days from sending.

However, expiry dates on hugggs sent using huggg for biz can vary. Check the individual huggg itself for the expiry. And don’t forget to save it for later in the app!

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