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Ever thought, I really wish that quirky coffee shop that pours the most dreamy flat white was on huggg? Or maybe your bezzie always raves about that cute joint they visit every morning en route to work, and you’d love for them to be able to collect that cheer up huggg you sent them there? Well, now you can play a part in making that happen 🙌.

And if you succeed, we’ll reward you with 10 coffee ☕️ hugggs to enjoy whenever you like.

Go on, tell me more 👂

We rely on humans like you, so thank you for helping us find the most hugggable coffee shops in the UK.

Here’s what you need to do 👉

  • Head to this page, complete the simple form and we’ll show you how to make the magic happen.
  • You’ll receive an email, equipping you with the tools you need to get that quirky coffee shop live and huggging.

If your favourite coffee shop signs up to partner with huggg and mentions you on signup, we’ll reward you with 10 free coffee hugggs to say thanks. 💥

So, what are you waiting for? Tell your mother, your brother, your sister and your friends.

Now, go get ’em! 🚀

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